Lhasa-hainan journey


2001 Ada spend four months from Lhasa to hainan has been riding in 2005, and in the Lhasa opened a called "rider" club, and friends started bike trip nets 40000 existing users, it has the most accurate free line of data, 34, he still single, and ready to the road again.
The business failed, the four months on the cross China
In the Ada that zhang and part of Hong Kong star ChenHaoYou like face, vaguely occurring over the years of the way with sand and years in his life out of trace. Since 2001 by 25, the young and drive up the bike on from Lhasa, a bicycle trip, accompanied by road, he has walked off and on for nine years.
The first set foot on the western land, the Ada without any romantic factors. Then "the great development of the west" just like begin. And many went west guangdong businessmen, LiuHongDa with mining "the great development of the west" first bucket of gold's vision go alone, the building materials business with the west. But day didn't work out, including the Ada, to most of the western "gold rush," merchants all compensate this. With the business and life disappointment, Ada from xining rode into Tibet. Pure blue sky and white cloud there will his heart about the haze wash, more will he heart young impulse and ideal to wake up. So, Ada in the local bought a bicycle, have never thought this a ride will never stop to do not come down, from Lhasa has been to ride hainan, time consuming more than four months to complete the inclined across China bike trip. The first successful bicycle self-help tour greatly improves the Ada's confidence, inspired his passion of the road again. 2001, 2003, 2005 in 2007 to in... These time Ada has been on the road, in his most familiar with bike seats.
Opening a bar in Tibet, make all kinds of people
From 2005 to 2007, the Tibet during that time, Ada opened a called "rider" bar, in the form of club passengers a snare all kinds of travelers. Bar can barely keep business, but can LiuHongDa for themselves and others to provide a conversation and habitat post. In fact, many travelers are in the city suffered, in a very beautiful place of otherwise, they don't want to go back, in a variety of ways they a mixture.
"Everyone here is, that is the purpose of passengers to chat with you. Easy, simple, and not comment.maybe." Ada slightly remind the corners of the mouth, "Tibet is a global village. Stay here, not because I like Tibet, but because I like to see all the people."
Come and go in the crowd, a Chinese American to Ada a left most deep impression. The Chinese American is a full-time geographic photographer, specifically for national geographic, newspapers and contributors. He often open their own car with 11 year old daughter full Tibet run, no matter what the man's land as the rush not by accident, eat and live in the car. To a place, he photography, let daughter records. So little age daughter has the record yourself out of the book geography, and in the United States also has a lot of fans. And Chinese americans in the practice of western education for daughter, crisscrossed a not Ada expected requirements: must learn to classical Chinese Musical Instruments as--in order to let daughter will China distinctive temperament continue. Talking about the Chinese American of education, LiuHongDa appear a myriad of: "his education mode is the Chinese of foreign typical models, and let me know us and their gap where."
Just for fun, does not define success and failure
LiuHongDa, 34, is still to be such a life cycle continue--find a quiet corner of the earthly away from for a few years, then return to the city and make some money. "I know that this is the idealistic, but I just don't want to change." LiuHongDa think their behavior in fact represents contemporary part of young people's concept and culture, and this kind of person will be more. When asked if he thought he was a success or a failure, LiuHongDa say with smile: "I never go to define success failure, because the success of failure label yourself, you will post not happy."
Travels journey
Eat a tree house is so big YouCaiHua
In the road, and past, displaced, hunger and thundering are the norm. Bicycle self-help tour the donkey friends in the weather clear night in the tents of the cabin spent inside; God doesn't make the United States once it started to rain, and at most in a roadside found abandoned waste empty house, a tile for cover can sleep head. The grand canyon in advance of the tour, is surrounded by crisis landslide area, Ada walking over a dozen mountain, listen to great a rumbling underwater acoustic without a drop of water to drink. Night on the edge of the cliff walk, because the battery lasted just over an hour, had to in the black darkness in the feeling of feet and hands from felt their way. But Ada said, on the road environment has better than he imagined scene for many. In the winter of 2001 tour of the bike, and the way the simplicity of the villagers are very enthusiastic, no Ada they open and active come forward to be caring and attentive, struggled to provide assistance to help. In addition to the villagers supply food, the roadside mountain delicacies wild Su also became their unique flavor food. The grand canyon tour, a convoy carrying food is not enough. Just then someone found the roadside tree "a house so big" wild YouCaiHua, and they are delighted to off its leaves, and take of canned pork together the stew pot, for one person to eat a whole day.
Two times and death pass by
The way the poor of the people QueYiShaoShi has been difficult to endure, more terrible is the risk of sudden accident is unpredictable. The nine years of travelled, Ada had two times and death by experience.
A team marching in guizhou xingyi new asphalt road, Ada in the downhill excitedly speeded up. How emergent turning a lap ahead by big stones enclosed area, before he could reaction was thrown in the air, after a whirl fell. For more than ten minutes, LiuHongDa do



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