Lhasa-Xian journey


Route: Lhasa and xigaze-kirgiz-where-tashi QuSong-tashi-Pope Pope-the drawee-camphorwood-nie pull wood pelosi is wrong-gaza-u-palmer sheep-and that being the plank-and-u-tower of qin-firm firm not let-firm reach-the spring river-change the wrong frequently-gaza-u-xigaze-yangbajain-Lhasa-golmud-lanzhou to lanzhou to xi 'an

Last: 21 days

Miles: 6762 kilometers

July 15,-the Lhasa xigaze 312 km

9:05 125 km Lhasa Taurus sculpture

10:06 196 km yangbajain

Since then there will be 170 km from DaZhu card to ShaShiLu yangbajain via of kirgiz, and the slave township

11:56 252 km snow mountain pass, the altitude of 5444 m have snow

13:4 unknown mountain pass an altitude of 4900 m

Along the route of gravel road V type bending steep mountain

15:43 363 km DaZhu card JiangJiang on the bridge

15:50 364 km on asphalt road

16:50 437 km from xigaze 1.3 km

Kirgiz, and the slave of township period of scenery good, scales along the branches down, the larger because of the rain, water is yellow, turbulent. Many YouCaiHua field.

Snow mountain pass more ancient and cloud, out for slope grassland yangbajain soon, flowers in bloom, gradually with the elevations of the different kinds of high flower, sometimes a large purple flowers like lavender, cattle and sheep, snow mountains, far out a small temple yangbajain.

A YinYu continuous appearance, we set out to the potala palace as well in the rain after taking photos on the road. A pile of dragon, the rain is gradually didn't, flat avenue just singing mercedes-benz. The summer of the plateau, flowers everywhere, monsoon clouds fill the skies, covering the EEr and exposed to the corner of the blue white alternate with of the snow-capped mountains to the summit, as it lived the fairy.

Intriguing scenery!

There is a very hot yangbajain big pool, steaming, down the dirt road into grassland depths, fast grassland streams with us always.

Vast savannah, majestic mountains, rich white clouds, herds, flowers in bloom.

July 16,-pull the drawee kirgiz xigaze-over 226 km

12:37 463.8 km start

17:17 633 km JiaCuo pull the mountain pass, at an altitude of 5250 m, cold, the cloud, didn't see Everest

18:53 689 km DingRiXian an altitude of 4330 m

Road hemilateral pan, local oil duct, similar to the qinghai-tibet railway scenery.

Pull to the drawee kirgiz road, for shale mountain, weathering serious. When ray hail, small strands of debris flow, gentle hill, narrow road, JiaCuo pull mountain pass for flat after highland pasture.

DingRiXian city hotel Everest hotel of 280 yuan in the standard rooms are not a bath.

July 17,-tashi QuSong-where Pope-over 120 km trek Pope

10:11 708 km of visible oil gas station in at 11 silver oil tank

A repair shop, sichuan cuisine, need for Tibetan meal, Everest relay station

10:35 718 km to the chain checkpoints, check the border certificate, passport, driver registration

The asphalt, geese and ducks within checkpoints chicken

Tickets in the drawee shall purchase tickets, Everest service center, each car is 405 yuan, $25 per day, the driver free

11:03 732 km tickets back to the chain

737 km place has the fork and marked 101 km to flannelette temple

November 18, 741 km to the bill-to mouth, group of children's cable things up

11:58 761 km mountain pass an altitude of 5200 meters

Gravel road to a relatively flat side, a hillside in the huge run up, countless turn off, the step to the cloud.

12:50 786 km trek Pope elevation 4170 meters

About 1 o 'clock 806.7 km song SongCun elevation 4500 meters.

July 18,-the drawee trek Pope

July 19,-the drawee camphorwood over 238 km

11:40 0168 km start

13:01 232 km where old

13:13 and wood of hot springs

13:50 250-260 km castle

14:58 307 km

Has the wind MaQi for bend the mountain pass along the way, how the castle valley remains a soil as high as four or five floor tower, to post? Depots for? Or what?

15:04 312 km altitude of 5020 meters

15:26 324 km NieXiong pull mountain pass an altitude of 5130 meters

Soon after the stone mountain into decline right hand XiXiaBangMaFeng visible, but did not appear

16:43 374.3 km nie pull wood elevation 3820 meters

19:03 406 km camphorwood elevation 1937 meters

This section in the cloud, and like the jiangnan scenery, many waterfalls, is amazing

To NieXiong pull before mountain pass, bid farewell to the drawee grassland, in the grand valley of the Himalayan rose, through. Mountain is open, the mountain as the gobi desert, see to 8012 meters of XiXiaBangMaFeng forks in the road, but can be hidden in the cloud peaks, continuous snow mountain-if fully come to light, will be how beautiful! XiXiaBangMa, beautiful and legendary name.

Didn't expect NieXiong mountain pass, there are more than 5000 meters high, from here to see snow mountain is close to gently mountain pass, but the wind is still great, have a western bikes very fierce guest is admirable. More UK KuaDou ride motor alone old man, to the prime ZiKuiFuRu waiting.

Camphorwood rain, the ceaseless, from the nie pull wood to the way camphorwood, such as through in wonderland. Wet luxuriant plant, bright-coloured flower, must not continuous cloud, countless waterfalls, streams, constitute a wonderland of earth. There is a place, have fallen from a waterfall way under through to the waterfall of water washing the car is a good solution. And hanging in across the river, and the practice of white waterfalls are not



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