Lin Card Festival


S festival time

The Tibetan May 1 to 15 days

S popular areas


S festival source

Lin card section, Tibetan says "praise LinJi mulberry" section, meaning the world happy days.

S celebration

Tibetan each year from May 1 to 15, half a month, people out of their homes, came to shaded cloudy Lin card amusement.

Around Lin card

Around Lin card, is the Tibetan plateau climate, environment according to and the living conditions of the formation of a national habit. In Lhasa called "praise LinJi mulberry". Previously, the Tibetan year May 1 to May 15 th of half a month, people out of the yard, came to shaded cloudy Lin card. In the long winter a short summer of Tibet, sunny, a few and RiNuan season, is the most valuable, and cherish this gift of nature, the Tibetan people's is a good habit. To 15 days, stroll Lin card into climax, the day, but also for some religious activities.

The Tibet around for the habit of card, not only popular in the capital, Lhasa, and popular in xigaze and changdu, etc. It is said that, in a warm spring day, the men in the city xigaze early in the morning on the hair donkey to a suburban practice hole appear before "lotus Buddha". The children take food, pooling suburban meet "god blessed" ones to return, and then, the party in "ji spirit" for the card. This is the earliest around Lin card activities. Later, activities include mount-the hair donkey, horse race and archery competition, etc. Hidden in the east, the original forest is rich, CaoBa of trees, is in fact the natural park. This area of urban and rural residents in summer or walk or drive the carriage, the trip a day or two, bring the tent and sufficient food, came to the primitive forest camping cultivated, days and return. The hot spring, more outing resort, often lead people to linger.

But, before the liberation, to Lin holiday card cultivated, just three great lords and life is richer people the upper strata. Hailing before the reform, in Lhasa, the XiaLin card honk wood snow, xi Lin card contained card, xigaze "auspicious spirit" Lin card, rich in colorful clothes, pitched tent a than a tall, but, for QiBaTian camping camping out in cary Lin, carnival bliss, and around the tent, always have flocks of ragged "help the ancient" and the seller about the entertainer anxiously waiting for the dignitaries alms.

After liberation, a serf emancipated masters, life rich gradually. So since the ice and snow melt, spring back to plateau, until the north wind attacks early winter, most years, going for the crowd of card educationalists. On holidays, is at an all-time high,. People pedestrians concentrate to the norbulingka and LongWangTan ones such as card, have a distinctive flavour holiday. In some cases, the agency unit and town collective handicraft industry, construction, business unit organization the communist youth league members who had TuanRi, also like to Lin to collective activities card. Now, go Lin card has become emancipated serfs happiness life of an important content.

A card is the most common Tibetan Lin leisure entertainment, focus on 6-between September. The main card over Lhasa forest place is the norbulingka, people's park, LongWangTan park and drepung monastery near the forest land and sera, xigaze people had Lin card mainly focus on the panchen new palace (quite army chapter house) and just the orchard of hotels within the orchard: ze when town Lin of the card in the main scales, Dionysus kampot place such as mountain. A family and friends for CARDS to give priority to, content many for beer and skittles, singing and dancing, sometimes has a group of art performances and art ensemble's performance. June 1 is the most exciting festival xigaze, general xigaze region of watts section SaGa in this period of time, held the city Hugh three days, nearly every day for young and old in the wild days a free and unfettered.

Tibetan is love the nature of the nation, they love life, love of nature. In the plateau climate environment, formed the unique customs namely Lin R section. Every year in Tibetan May 1 to 15 days, and people were out of their homes, to shaded by the shadows, enjoy the beauty of nature. In the woods pitched tent, and enjoy nature. 15 th is Tibetan appellation "hidden LinJi mulberry", namely "the world burning incense E" Da sacrifice. It is said that all kinds of gods. In may, the year of the monkey because the Tibetan Ephraim subdued the Tibetan master Watson all evil and do, another of legend, when the tubo DE praise at ChiSong praise built, because samy bad luck and repeatedly constructs the fails, the master and Jin founded lotus Watson is sweet chanting quarter, god to push for religious sacrifice, so all the inverse margin gradually disappear, finally complete. Then built samy to honor that
Things, they form the custom. Every year in May, a month ShangXianYue round the good day (15) held a grand for religious ritual activities.
This day is Lin card section climax. On this day, people in costumes, take ghee tea, of barley wine and various delicious food, and to the card to a picnic Lin. In sichuan Tibetan qiang autonomous prefecture of aba,, the Tibetan 4 May, with family, family or stockade goes out to play for the unit, everybody in the wild hold up tents, cook up brick tea, dance and fun and full of life. Local says the custom for "lang firm hot armour".



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