Manasarovar Lhanag-tso


Located in ali county territory plank. The harmony and wrong is the world's highest freshwater lake, covers an area of 412 square kilometers, the elevation of 4587 meters, the lake to a depth of 77 meters, is one of three big Tibet sacred. Historically, how many people praise her. Such as the Tibetan folk song sang:
JinPing like the hills,
The mountains although no temple,
The beautiful scenery has enough I like;
Like the western mirror,
Though no sea dragon,
The green water has me want to stay;
Song of the western, also is a sacred. Because, it is located in the west lake the Tibet, called the "west". 2 () (】 O years ago, India out of the pear outstanding people, it is likely she had been to the harmony of manasseh, at the famous wrong long lyric poetry "cloud make" in, with BaoZhan enthusiasm brushwork, described the lake the beauteous landscapes, insects, fish, birds and beasts in his poems, such as the evident unripe brightness, lifelike.
The harmony and wrong, is called "a sacred," has two meanings: one, because of the lake from snow mountain the melting of snow, is considered as the Buddha gave the dew of the earth; Second, the tang dynasty was eminent monks in the western regions datang in this book, called the heavenly queen and his entourage amusement "buddhist paradise;".
In the unique company and there have been lots of stories, I give you about the most popular two arguments. The story said is a long time ago, there is no lake, is a YouJi endless beaches. Live in the beach to countless poor, they spend in the abyss of hunger in. Later, here _r a wise and kind person. His salvation hungry people, from the south to the many meters to the poor. He was after one year the ground handling, they also year after year, to eat. Finally, the water that clean out rice product became a lake, the public also finally saved r, therefore, this man also did here king. The king determined efforts, never been unkind to problems plaguing the people. People in honor of the king, to use the water that clean out rice into lake deposition, and named lake without incurring losses. "And the" in the Tibetan language meaning for unbeaten, no one can overcome, electricity can be understood as "yuan kui".
Another story, is say that a long time ago, in CiHu not far from edom, there is a beautiful country, the king called igawa honk of watts. He has a beautiful such as fairy queen, her name is color and joey. Husband and wife love, common birth a man and a woman. :
However, the prince and the princess haven't grown up, a god of death in a hurry away mother. Color jonny and at his death to on and off for the prince, the princess said: "you prejudiced I'm afraid I can't. Poor child, you will remember, later such as the danger, to the lake to wave ring method drums." Just say that finish will never closed her eyes.
The king honk of watts igawa, the body of the queen will be thrown into the green lake, known as "thrown mother lake", that is the wrong and harmony. Soon after, the king was... A wild ghost become waste of fascinated by women, can charm the breath away. That awful woman falls ill in bed, and let the king to dig the prince and the princess heart for her to eat. J: the son, and the princess I scared straight to the lake, turn to the lake crying mother. At this time, with the king to the lake, ready to take their children's heart. The prince and the princess according to the will of the dying mother, wave drum _r ring method. The lake, and suddenly rushed out of a black on black giant, the king of the crazy off the back.
Since then, the poor the sister along the lake kept walked, he turned lake, screamed for mother name. They walked for a long time, for a long time. According to the story, the tibetans turn lake may be the beginning of a custom. So far, all of the more than 80 km on the way to lake, perhaps, is the first by the prince and the princess on out? According to the other scriptures say, "sacred" under 108 spring, on the factory 'wealth of dragon king dragon temple, the palace in the world come together many treasure. And before long the tall lush "blessing cloth tashi" ailments, can cover every day lower bound, give people bring good luck and festivities. Thus, can come this worship the people, a week around the lake, they can pick up to dry fish, colorful stones or lake bird's feather, and believe that this is the dragon king reward, the life of people in the future will linfe, our will to the dragon king named lake name "the" wrong ".. the 11 th century, Buddhism and on the han fierce struggle, who had been in the lake shut to buddhist victory at an end, and so was renamed "the harmony and wrong," minus the semantic "eternal unbeaten for lake", to commemorate the victory of war. And because all manasseh, tm the fault is the world harmony many religious sect in the sacred buddhist scriptures worship. Speak: and the fault is the world harmony of the king of the "kangdese mountains" water from the bottom of the hill., snow and ice melting and come, the mountain is very clear, and the water cooler gan lie, and the lake is fish, be christians as wins big honour gave humanity music of mannose, it is "holy water." this "holy water" not only can clean skin, remove the dirt on the mind of the people worry, wash off "WuDu" (greed, hatred, and delusion, idle, envy) and a "holy water" still can eliminate various sickness, help lengthen people by a fault, and yongzheng shaped like the full moon lake, there are four large bath door. The door, south for lotus bath sweet, west door bath for decontamination bath door, north of the belief bath door. Local there were Suggestions: four winds kangdese mountains out four things, Oriental bright, including a sand melt in the mouth, Tibetan called "strange" o in "; southern out holy water, the Tibetan language is called "QuJiZeng cloth"; the western out a vanilla, Tibetan called "wrong cypress"; north bright, Tibetan stone out called "the o no inner". So all the pilgrimage to JingXiang believers, want to use the lake shampoo, bathe his body, in order to remove disaster in addition to disease.
Around the shore of eight temple and sites. East have check gong color hot dragon temple. NieGuo temple is SaJiaPa earl imperial tribute GaLun bead built, reportedly atisha turn did lake, stay here for a few days and installation of a "wipe kang". The south has ancient chu, the sect. It is said that the wrong Tibetan every year and yongzheng, 30 November or December beginning freeze, until the following year, 30 February or March 13 thaw out. But, after thawing frozen and before, in ancient chu near a small piece of water always first appear, so called "chu ancient", meaning "bath door". The west has GuoZu temple, it is said that atisha turn lake in the temple when practice hole in 7 days practice, then GuoCang wow also in this practice three months, in a sacred u for the history of Bhutan sent the name "GuoZu", meaning "start". The northwest at a temple was born in Tibet master lotus missionary 54 years later, in October 876 when Russian undertone, in this practice 7



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