Namucuo myth


Said to the "namco is the daughter of emperor release day, nyenchen tanglha herder milks wife". Their images are: the nyenchen tanglha herder milks-wearing armor, the right hand holding a curb, left with a rosary, ride a white horse; Namco-to ride, flying dragon has a leading ChanZhang right hand, left hand mirror Buddha. Nyenchen tanglha in the north of the gods from the most authoritative, it has immense territory and rich north of treasure.
Namco in north shore a small hillside lived a call pierced the ancient evil face in praise of the god. Karzai ancient evil face power is endless to hunting.
One day, the solar wind rises from the east, to the sovereign nyenchen tanglha put on the MingHuangHuang gold crown. Karzai ancient evil side face on bows and arrows don't the broadsword went hunting, and put a black snake and a white are fighting, that her grand, clamp mouth stuck black snake head off to jilt to. When he night loaded with prey back home, he saw black snake prevailed and black snake that cave mouth of the dock on white to jilt to jilt, he was dying, his life. Karzai ancient evil face want: white as the god of heaven, black snake as the devil! Then, he drew his big black snake a knife cut into two sections, the saved her life.
After a few days, firm the ancient evil and on the way in face inflicts saw a white buffalo and head to a head of black buffalo head frame. The white buffalo as a standing high snow-capped mountains, every attack that only the power of the black bull parry. And the firm when evening return evil face, the black ox held high fleeciness oxtail, two at the nasal cavity in the dark, his mouth with a bright red flame flash tongue, white cattle have been top dies. Pierced the face evil thought: this may be the white buffalo is god, the black ox may be the devil. He made the bow of buffalo ribs shot dead black bull. Karzai ancient evil face just to home, nyenchen tanglha deified as mortal appearance, and one white silk clothes, wearing white head scarf, left hand hold a short sword, the right hand holding a curb on a white horse to.
Nyenchen tanglha to plunge the ancient evil god face and said: "friend, you give me help, what you need, I can meet you three request."
Pierced the ancient evil face unknown reason, said: "I have not helped who's busy, I also don't you meet me any requirements."
NianQing tang pull the god explained: "no, my friend, you save the white and white cattle are my two out. I'm a animal want to repay you for saving my life."
"Since like this, that don't." Pierced the ancient evil to face NianQing tang to pull of explained.
Nyenchen tanglha god opened all warehouse door, let pierced the ancient evil face choose three things, with three penalties.
The god's storehouses filled the gold and silver jewelry, could be consumed, the golden everywhere, twinkle, make a person dazzling, too many things to see, praise god don't know to what is good. Then, close the blind touch. His first touch yes salt, caught an put to the north and said: "I wish is useful to mankind." The second is to touch base, caught an put to the north and said: "I hope to the world useful." The third touch to a GeGeDaDa thing, also caught a said: "also and to go to the north for it." Can this GeGeDaDa things is not what good thing surface is a anthrax bacteria.
Sweet and innocent shepherd grateful pierced the ancient evil praise god for the northern face and full of salt. But at the same time sorry, he also and a handful of anthrax.
Nyenchen tanglha god was to do a live namco things. Nyenchen tanglha though god as the divine WangWeiZhen one party, but the west of darfur fruit snow mountain often invades nyenchen tanglha herder milks mountain territory, attack the horses. It wants to jihad fruit of darfur snow mountains, but himself and take lazy. He, then, the ancient evil to karzai face and said, your permanent my territory, eat my livestock, now I need you to come and help you to cause for me of darfur fruit snow mountains, after the crash, I can meet you a wish.
Karzai ancient evil's face without said, out of darfur cause fruit snow mountain. The fruit of darfur is the wife and snow mountain, mother and children from playing, he hurried battle fought through a few day and night, plunge into the ancient evil face with nyenchen tanglha god to give its divine power, force win, driving was snatched the triumphant return to horses.
Nyenchen tanglha to plunge the ancient evil god face to say: "good, you're winning return. You want to get???????" Karzai ancient evil face and said: "I don't want your property. I want and namco a night."
Nyenchen tanglha herder milks said: "good. We words without prior, I will meet your request."
One day, firm in the face of evil namco lake sheep, suddenly before him there is "not like human daughter, fall like heaven princess" beautiful women. She tied the ancient evil to face and said: "I heard nyenchen tanglha the word of god to date with you. You want to you according to the custom of the world? Or are we the customs." Karzai ancient evil face thought, the custom of the world, I have tasted, the fairy is how to lead the life? He to namco said: "I want to you according to the custom of the fairy." The words sound just fell, a gorgeous rainbow in namco lake and pierced the ancient evil between three face flash, namco fairy said: "over. Wait for next year on March 15, the time to the lake to claim your child now. You should give me remember don't bring your bow and arrow, be sure to remember." Say that finish disappear in the surface of the lake.
Karzai ancient evil face such as such as hard ah ah, finally wait till next year on March 15, the moon just rises from the east pierced the ancient evil face who confesses the son go out. But, do not take bow and arrow really not used to go out, he ultimately put on a bow and arrow. When he came to the lake, have a mother buffalo is licked newborn calf. Pierced the ancient evil face see buffalo he palm itches suffered, he took out the string to the arrow at buffalo, did not think of just hit the newborn calves.
At this time, namco show to plunge the ancient evil human face and said: "you the sinners, you don't hear my words with bows and arrows you know you shoot calf is who? That's your son, we karma already broken." Namco crying vanishing in the lake.
Nyenchen tanglha and namco married couple to love each other, and this is the north all the people of luck, but their feelings are not there been rift.
Namco in about 30 kilometers to the north there is a mountain called the JiShan, and nyenchen tanglha distantly faces. That year the precipitous appeal the JiShan often majesty and nyenchen tanglha wife-namco whisper, smell. Gave birth to a son, tang pull Zagreb jie. The JiShan and namco
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