Nyingchi gongbu New Year


Lin zhi gongbu region boasts of a "Tibet south, here's the original forest green mountains and endless, full of beautiful wild flowers in the primeval forest, the land, to the world like xanadu. Make the person into nature. Here to live up to MenBaZu, LuoBaZu and people." "The" door "menba refers to the daguanyuan door;" Ba is Tibetan refers to person." 'it is Tibetan menba' for their call, now become MenBaZu call himself. They have their own language, is a sino-tibetan language simeon ethnic groups, dialect is more complex, most people intimately familiar with the Tibetan language, there is no word. At the same time they custom has its own special features. LuoBaZu, his family into many internal, except "bo concerning the" clan, and "ningbo", "the wave", "philipp degen", "arden" tribe. LuoBaZu language of sino-tibetan language groups simeon, no words, long-term by carved wood "remember the rope. Such as agreed date, use the rope knot method, every day with a knife to "; To no time, it is day agreed. Borrow remember kind, with the sword and carved wood, how many groove is representative of how many quantity. Orange people have their own language, the sino-tibetan language family simeon. Orange of people speak two words,
There were respectively their claims. Speak of a man's words who call themselves "gedo man". In some place was to area, gm to let things. Is due to live up to the "beauty on" is poor mean, is with the "drink of the" namely the rich relative to the call. Therefore, Chinese referred to them after liberation is "orange"; Because is the family say, so now and again "up to" writing "orange". The Tibetan language called "climb on the ba. In the Tibetan language "and" is "people" mean, so now called a person. They have no words, use more "rope and carved wood to remember things methods are not written on weekdays inch of habit, also did not take age and birthday swirl learning. In short, Lin zhi (textile) area full of mysterious style and special the custom of vision.
Textile New Year is Lin zhi (textile) area most solemn traditional festivals, textile is New Year distinct characteristics, rich in strong characteristics. In the Tibetan New Year textile tenth month. The festival comes from a beautiful legend, legend long ago, because the enemy assault, textile people in his hearth, formed an army, with a great army to king textile to fight against them. At this moment, CangLiNian near soon, the battlefield listed the feast of the festival is reluctant. At this time, smart textile king announced it will CangLiNian to advance to the tenth month. Have a great New Year in the battlefield, the spirit of vibration hair, without worrying on journey to high fierce competitiveness, and made war final victory. Thus, each year on the first new textile r customs handed down. Years ago every household cleaning and put on the new card pad. September 30 in the evening, the spirits to ceremony held, in order to live a peaceful years, don't let the ghost of the crisis, every family will have a cast out devils ceremony, 30 the night, people held pine torch and ran to ask each house, take out from the bosom already prepared black and white small stones, toward its extremities hit, the mouth call "fold the ancient wow" (meaning is: the ghost! Wait!) . Some people in the home, also sprinkle torches arrack, make the flame more prosperous, also issued voice hissed cast out the demons imposing manner is more. When they were satisfied that the "ghost" was cast out can't come back, they could be happy to celebrate the New Year. After finish ghost, textile New Year has a special custom, that is families please dog for dinner, they put the Chinese New Year food, use plate pack good, placed in order or on the long wooden bench, have ZanBa group, beef and mutton, peach, walnut, oil, milk slag, ginseng fruits, green condyle wine, is rich and colorful, the tea and wine into in walnut, ready, master called the dog, and said politely, "comfortable, shan of music and the dog dog, please have dinner!" Connecting that three times, the dog began to dinner. 据说有经验的狗,先把所有的食物都嗅嗅,『斫后再决定吃什么东西和不吃什么东西。有的狗却乱叫狂奔,掀翻盘子,掀翻茶酒,此刻主人认为这是不吉的征兆,把这条狗轰正。I!布人认为,狗吃利么东西和不吃什么东西,就是神的旨意,全家人都注视着狗的所有动作。如果吃J’糌粑或饼子, 表示粮食丰收,吃了酥油或奶渣,表示牧业兴旺,i:人希望狗千万 小要吃肉,晚上如果吃了肉,不死人也得闹瘟疫。狗赴宴预测来年吉凶。狗吃饱以后,全家聚在·起,吃刚圆饭。家人们闹着火塘m坐,烤蒋暖暖的火,高高兴兴喝着肯稞酒、酥油茶。大年初  ,公鸡扣呜工布的男人们就要出门,放火药枪来迎接新年。女人们赶紧背着水椭.带着肯稞酒和“措”——措是祭神崩的糌粑团,在水源的源头煨桑.招唤神灵。在I_!=I家的路I一,无沦碰到什么人都不能回头和说话。如果吼义与说|壬会址“央”(福气)水跑剑别人的桶。背回来的水倒进佛莳的F挣碗里,用糌粑做成供果。而后人们要到自己最好的序稼地里。祭刚女叟利『。祭祀时带上页晶,在地坠竖起一根很长的水杆,杆的上面挂经幡在木仟的F向挂寸麦草,麦草象征着丰收女神。在木杆前面用石头摆个祭台,用来摆放供品。仪式完后,人们在祭女神的地力‘唱歌、跳舞,请收女神保佑丰收。初一叩上喝“卓加”,藏语谓麦片粥,是为¨r怀念相先。初二开始人们相互拜年,探亲|方友。



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