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Map: Shanghai- > Lhasa jokhang \ potala palace (4300 km)- >
Time: the 2006-05-06-2006-05-20 travel days: 15 days
Season: spring
Total mileage: 10000 km total cost: 20000 yuan of travel number: four people
Traffic score: 4 points scenery score: 5 points

In Tibet before, an online world looking for Shanghai, Tibet's road books, regrettable of is, no, so determined to produce a most authoritative Shanghai-xizang middle road books, but the actual operation down, may is the latest, but can't is full, the way the driving and deep slumber past from time to time, missed many records, but still believe this thing to more and more friends will drive the Shanghai Tibet is a great help. If true as I thought, it is very gratified.
T th:
9:45, set off from Shanghai, ahead of plateau response the homework, especially the plateau of rhodiola series products must be, can be booked by mail TEL: 0891-6690888;
The river's bridge, 11:30 in jiangsu dam bridge with the whole journey of service first oil, continue to marching to jiangyin Yangtze river bridge;
12:55, in jiangsu GaoYou dragon rush service area lunch; Soon according to sign up on high speed SuHuai salt, answer the NingSuXu high-speed, finally turn to even xu high-speed, need not go to xinyi, this section of the road should be the new road, not on the map, very comfortable way, almost no car, all the way to the 160 KM/H;
So, in jiangsu GuHuangHe service area come on;
16:00 some boundary, charges, fees, should be the whole jiangsu high-speed fee is 200 yuan;
Nay, border in succession, 20 yuan;
17:55, civil rights service area;
Whom, zhengzhou service area, here to remind everyone henan limits are all ethanol and gasoline, plus what fuel essence, kaifeng service area didn't 93, ha, ha;
Called, FuXi sets the storehouse of the phoenix mountain tunnel tunnel road tunnel, 3 successive tunnel connected, also very fun;
Another, sanmenxia service area;
23:40, Ba bridge ShouFeiKou, xian border into;
24:00 to xian hotel near the south gate, the first day run 1600 kilometers.
T + 1: (as in the xian racing for two days, starting from the actual xianyang, probably a comprehensive here, should be credible)
Then, set out,
10:25, to 312 national road in xianyang fernando, baoji to the way of tin shui has not been reliable, almost all people have suggested by 312 national road, another classmate a few days earlier to start from Beijing, is 312.
At 12:05, for ever and ever ping tunnel, the distance from lanzhou 600 km;
12:30 and too valley tunnel, 1238 m long and very dirty, the poor visibility, ventilation dust removal is insufficient, come back this tunnel an accident, plugging a mess, we go round the whole BinXian county, BinXian police foreign land vehicles when the only default fines is also not like hell, we push the steps, not very rules of line up, be fined 200 yuan, ha ha;
12:55, BinXian jinzhou.would on the hillside, quality;
13:00, heihe river bridge, secretary-general of 20 km distance;
14:00, ROM Mei level of roads, road is very good;
Now, three border tunnel;
16:04, LiuPanShan feet take photos, JingYuanXian LiuPanShan town;
Truly, LiuPanShan tunnel, in side snow, come out, the weather sunny, due to repair the tunnel, don't climb of very high, everyone waist timely photography, or a carelessly into the tunnel, ha ha;
24, qi home dashan tunnel;
18:00, sharp in 18 on the shop in the high speed liu chan, is also part of the tin shui lanzhou;
The rest, tujia wan tunnel;
Saying, take in the mouth of the service area
Called, and three tunnel connected;
When, before, continuous tunnel;
22:30, close to xining.
T + 2, : morning in xining repair vehicles, eat some ox chop suey, very comfortable.
Then, start to HuangYuan along a gray "native" take the wrong way, to the west in HuangZhong dopamine pour first class road (xining, similar to the way, daotang car is very good, very few), estimates that run for 20 minutes, ha ha;
At 10:30, dopamine turns mouth;
11:00, at 3058, is the riyue mountain;
13:00, and the waters bridge lunch, had the legend of qinghai fish pool, qinghai lake in growth, a year a two meat oh;
14:00, continue to start;
Then, see tea card salt lake;
15:00, roadside found snow;
Large, summer ha town;
Now, all the county Abram;
17:45, the first time that A hidden car number, is xian to Lhasa passenger bus and seen all the way that is the most reliable of the qinghai-tibet railway line into Tibet, chongqing, chengdu was the bus are go way, more beautiful scenery of the ChuanCangXian was not enough to let you trust, ha ha;
Whom, golmud salt lake hotel.
T + 3, : because of the high altitude concerns, going to direct Lhasa, do not stay among.
If, set out, the rain snowy day, we set out;
At 7:00 a.m., on red Taiwan god springs, at an altitude of 3450;
Now, 109 national highway 2843 place, surrounded by Angle mountain;
7:40, west big beach;
7:45, 109 national highway 2882 place, pavement began to become worse, had ice, altitude 4345;
7:55, vehicle under lateral spreads ditch, here learned of snow and ice road driving technology, not dozen direction, not to trample accelerator, ha ha, degrees is some, vehicles in after the slippery cane, slid down the 3, 4 meters high embankment, distance is not far from cement ditch, if dropped to there or in his car hits the road circle, the consequence is unimaginable, everyone be careful;
Now, changing the tire, continue to set out, it is simple, actually at an altitude of 4300 above, breathe for a walk of severe, ha ha, no easy;
9:00 a.m., the south Dakota jie monument, kunlun mountain pass, altitude 4767109 national road 2898 place;
They captured it,



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