The Banks of the NianChuHe jomzi DaMaJie


From Lhasa to go south road, song water bridge, ascend the mountain watershed barak and hid, rippling through the YangZhuoYongHu and snow-covered NingJinGang SangXueFeng, reach the world famous of the ancient city of jomzi.......

Before and after the hidden jomzi is transportation hub, and to India and Nepal, Bhutan, such as gateway to the neighbors. The NianChuHe before, backed by association u crystal mountain, is a beautiful scenic city, the product is rich, the city of the legendary city and heroism. Tibetan April every year, here to the annual event held DaMaJie. When galloping, golden arrow fly together, rippling song, dance and exult, became a attract jomzi the Tibet, and even the whole city of China and the world.

The 15 th century, the jomzi out a wise seer, named rules for hot Dan handkerchief, in him and his father and grandfather from being gong pat three generations of princes rule carefully management, has established a castle and zijin jomzi castle, in NianChuHe, set up six holes fromcomponents, make jomzi become a social stability, economic development, religion and prosperity, happiness of the people, where is the Ming dynasty emperor awarded "rong lu doctor" and "big SiTu" titles. Especially for hot Dan palmer rules to power after, in the jomzi castle, built had sixteen monastery in the temple of the white and white occupies temple pagoda, inclusive of Tibetan Buddhism, cloth of issachar was bolden, case lu and sectarian, make them harmonious get along, in the snow area hid a soil spread Hong Kong. White occupies temple stupa as much as 13 layer, which hit the sculpture, the thangka, frescoes as many as, for 10 years to build complete, known as of stupa. In the white pagoda was built in the temple in 1436, rules for hot Dan held a big celebration activities dedication. Celebration three parts, in part, a religious ritual, and that of the sports competition, singing, dancing, entertainment, and fair trade, exchange of goods, this is the origin of jomzi DaMaJie. To now has 567 ten years.

After three hundred years of 18 th century, the place quite pull out again jomzi a distinguished character, he is king county Saul SuoLang paper · doubtful. He was born in a small noble family is famous for its military, for the Tibet in junggar expelled, made contribution, later in the civil war and hidden noble, the early bird catches the worm, surprisingly winning, stabilize the situation in Tibet soon by the qing emperors recognition and trust, has been appointed a ji, baylor and more LuoJun king, prime minister the Tibet issue more than 20 years, make the situation in Tibet unrest by a peace. His hometown DaMaJie very attention and concern, energetically advocate through the game QiShe, cultivate people's courage and perseverance, carry forward the militancy. Many noble estate Tibet in jomzi, most of them is a paper, relatives, friends of Saul and his men. Jomzi plain fertile land, water conservancy facilities improve, is the envy of everyone good place. Have a paper he advocated, all the nobles' response, scrambling to raise a good horse, training striker, the large hire rojo/fernandez, careful training the horse, every family to get good results in the DaMaJie are proud of. Therefore, DaMaJie is done better and spectacular, better and more prosperous. Each event, the noble temples formed between the fierce competition, even so cause size different fighting, the final champion often into many people and who took the two big noble name, benevolence and pola is Tibet the long history of the noble family, generation after generation produced many famous figures. Local have a pet phrase: "many benevolence of the NuMa laden water home can also take the champions, who took the dial home cooks stick archery can also take fire first.

The traditional DaMaJie Tibetan March 30 to start the day, white occupies temple the monastery are chanting prayers, secret for repair. The first April, three monastery in the lama DaJingTang CaiFen draw with sound draw the "golden spear", "golden spear" means mandala, is in the palace of the kingdom is hit. Cloth monastery draw the pie at this honour "m the baals" temple city; The dge-lugs-pa monastery draw the pie this great city janjaweed king kong altar; SaJiaPa monastery draw the pie this honour ba jin just some doubtful temple city. For the big city in the janjaweed altar, left, and for many jeep mandala, right for the baals temple city.

The Tibetan April 8, cloth monastery in at the altar in front of the city held "protect the" not favoured activities. Monks wearing the five-buddha crown, dressed in tantra uniform, jump some simple religious dance, cast is a women and two men with five children, it is said that they are white occupies temple in this land owner, now a local land god. From April 16 to start the day, were monastery of the ancient religion jump large dance "king kong Iranian pantheon". In the first game in twenty black hat a division, for the dance floor sacrifice; The second game in four South Asia, o monks, zara; The third game out two white skeleton of open and was buried a keeper. In game 4 of the Lord god king kong some couples with their ten will, all wear head mask, grin grin and a face ferocious terrible; Finally a out of 48 household, all wearing animal masks, jackals, Wolf, tiger, leopard, the lion and the bear, eagle, hawk, bats, weird magic, a terror. Finally the lama actor collective dance, each one exits.

The Tibetan April 17 beat mandala, says religious activity has come to a successful conclusion. Do the temple city CaiFen and given to men and women, the believers around, people when a treasure to take home. It is said that CaiFen accurate predictions, and in the ground not snake, and clean water in the water, and in the long grass.

The Tibetan April 18 show Buddha, white occupies temple have two huge picture color satin DuiXiu of Buddha, a Buddha is now the sakyamuni Buddha, Buddha maitreya is a future and strong. Giant Buddha is in 1418 (yunglo sixteen years) to make, became the Tibet a wonders. In 1904, British invaders jomzi hit, they rob.

The Tibetan, April 19, DaMaJie began the horse race, archery, sports competition, singing, dancing, entertainment, business activities.

This day in early morning, all noble, temple, the plantation comin out, to the horse racing beginning port concentration, jomzi cases (county) government here set up a tent and sending officials registration, check all items in the horses, each a horse race horses were to Numbers, playing in horse-hair sealing-wax means first. The horse generally has SanSiShiPi, noble much benevolence five horse, who took the SanSiPi, white occupies temple manager peng bottom three horse, another manager color Angle two horses, other aristocratic, temples a horse to two horses range.

When the sun shines in the castle jomzi on top of the time, the official start of the race. The horse racing, immediately not ride on people, and the horse is light back horse, a horse play, SanSiPi horse in the protection and DuZhen behind. The poor people noble officials people, and be ordered to the runway on either side



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