The legend of Bome King


 Bome is located in the nyingchi region, it is subject to topography, abundant supplies, once had bome dynasty rule here, bome king the little-known area leader, what kind of character? How did he rise and fall? The following is ours to reveal to you. 

What a character is bome king? 
Bome is a powerful king of Kings, or is a religious leader? SuoLang prosperous for a long time, 'said bome king may be not tied with politics, where he palace, there will be a temple. Bome folklore, bome king of tax, an acre of highland barley harvest only pay 2 jins, a piece of ghee gently only a knife cut a little. 
The common vestige and Tibet, built on the cliff of fort ruins: residual wall, solid stone, shooting hole, the temple, to protect the water cellar and back roads. But I still hope the face fuzzy bome king will vary, will be a habit, undulating in the flat, round quickly to keep the lake to build a palace for himself. He will quietly to see his family in the lake since tubo generations of history, he would write, and sink the story. 
The enemy and assassin, only to find that no matter how to also can not find bome king, he ran to the stone house and cellar, ran to the cattle are grazing, dance, always can't find it. 
Bome king, also known as ga lang wood first, before sontzen gampo hundreds of years earlier. But very rare historical data about bome king, only in a handful of major historical events. We visit bome king sites, travel contains three locations: honk long lake (legend bome the king's palace), snow tile card (bome king palace) and da xing temple site (be condemned to) the last king of bome is said to be. 
Honk long lake, bome palace ruins 
King is not honk long lake bome original residence, according to the culture of "bome tong" SuoLang prosperous for a long time, 'said the first king of bome is seventh generation's check GongZanPu offspring, check GongZanPu was secretary after death, his children have a Xia Chi prince fled to bome mulberry village, why want to bome run? May be because the bome is said to be Tibet's first generation of general on general's hometown. 
Mulberry village, mulberry is confidential meaning, that is to say Xia Chi prince came to bome, is a secret, then ran to the dorje dagon tang township township. There are a woman and he is going back and forth, but left no offspring. After some days, the Xia Chi goes back to the village, and a local woman gave birth to a son called monk chapter. Later Xia Chi back to the south, the praise, but his son chapter monk at bome, mulberry village in a palace, he is the first generation of bome king, and inheriting the 49 generation, until the last bome Wang Wang green heap missing so far. 
Bome terrain is six river valley, the deep valley, rushing water and steep forest form the main landform bome, but honk long lake is a small platform, very lovely. 
When the peach blossoms in full bloom, the water vapor, dense honk long small basin is surrounded by forest, peach blossom for forest lined the roadside, but on the edge of the basin, as if reluctant to step into to easily. 
We came to honk long lake, the lake is not large, more narrow place is covered with reeds as the ground, long and narrow shape of the lake like a mirror with handle. Lake steps have new white tower and wiping lacan, not the remains of the buildings. Information on there are palaces, concubine room and temple ruins of three residual wall foundation. 
Of course this is just imagine, in fact, with the advent of the mongols (probably in the 17th century and Mongolian) to recognize, bome king fled from ga lang lake, to Mr Jiang long hidden cloth on the other side of the snow, the village set up his own palace. 
The bome wang period of the representative buildings: snow, pillars of (lotus) 
Village in the snow, river high ground, the terrain is suitable for defense. After we get off, seek along while building sites, but not to the purpose. 
Get village, we climbed over a wall, that sag is a shallow pit in front of him, there were TuTai, can vaguely see the TuTai originally of the outer wall of a building, but the building is not big. Now it has long been the villagers set up for their own circle, the stone walls and fences, and a few large peach tree firmly rooted, the ruins of building would have been beyond recognition. 
Perhaps to compensate for our disappointment, the side of the road there are two or three rough, shape stones there quietly like a toad, if not carefully see, never see rough pattern with the above. It's certainly a artificial stone, simple line, like scales, the villagers said that is the only memorial bome king palace: lotus column development, at the top of the alveolus is a timber placed. 
Bome late dynasty in history recorded in the event there are many here, 43rd generation bome wang nima gabe, bome reached its peak, the depths of the ink to take off until no yu, south west control the east long Lin Zhixian ditch and LuLang, original symbolic tax increase gradually. Under the snow, the village of counsel, bome stepped expansion, a lot of conflict and the outside world, and of the qing army combat record in the dust Jiao wild dream, more in the future and the Tibetan local government GaSha war in 1932, the end of the war led to the fall of bome dynasty and last bome Wang Wang heap of exile, bome dynasty perish, in bome da xing temple east nine kilometers from the county seat. 
The decline of bome dynasty: da xing temple 
Da xing village, the village head of showing the location of the temple gate once: "there used to be a big tree, the king of bome cut head was hanging here." He is behind the da xing temple remains quite magnificent throne room. 
Perhaps because used to undertake the mission of the bloody, da xing temple the bome region one of the best temple now only ruins. Village head to take us around the temple once turned by way of a half circle, has spent several minutes, turn the deeper the way has been under QingGangLin, hard to find, QingGangLin cold lonely, as if resin tuo Lin, a path oblique to the lake. 
GaSha government once observation bome small kingdom for many years, looking for will be the way to conquer it. Observation is the result of the bome personality stubborn, bome topography is complex, difficult to assault; GaSha huairou of government in the future also failed, bome live king is not willing to leave bome to Lhasa. 
So in 1932, GaSha troops with bome attack at the same time, the king bome finally unable to support. 
Potbellied village head hand in pocket, as if he had seen the scene yesterday: "they (GaSha government soldiers) bome king rushed, bome king has a gun, he walked to come here to sit down to drink water, then drink a mouthful of hat inside of water, died, being carried wrapped in clothing to da xing temple." 
But more is the king's not bome, bome king fled to India, GaSha troops that followed, but the British government doesn't allow bome wang was arrested by their shelter. GaSha envoys not a job, then find a nameless body on the road, will bring its head cut off back bome, suspension in da xing temple, announced that it is the last bome Wang Wang green heap. 
Just bome Wang Shengyou vision, his hair is curly, by the neck disease hyperthyroidism patients with teeth and cock, big teeth. Be cut head don't roll hair, teeth is more thin, dense, so don't cheat bome people, only deceiving themselves. Da xing village, the village chief said a Lhasa to general "dawa", because no can divide to bome king's legacy, he also severely beaten the da xing village people. 
He shrugged his shoulders, as if he himself was played as the dawa general. Now da xing village does not care about being cut head whether belong to bome king, they want to rebuild da xing temple, the required investment is not big. 
Get a few word "mud bodhisattva, to less than 200 to 3 million." The village chief said, but the request of the rebuild of hing temple haven't batch of down, village head don't know why this is. 
I'm a little confused when they leave, as if my own head hanging in the trees be cut down. I can't help but look back, suddenly found the mountain had disappeared behind the da xing village, cloud like serpents teeming with pale, quiet packages and devouring mountains, unexpectedly let da xing village hovering around the serpent. 



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