The Tibetan horse racing festival and horse racing culture


Horse racing is Tibetan people very fond of activity, it is not only the agriculture herdsman spare time rally, exchange farming and animal husbandry experience in the production of the place, and it is hidden the spirit of the nation, the show. Of all the folk inheritance in Tibetan festival, almost all necessary horse racing activities, and the activity has a long history. In the Tibetan folk festival, often in the form of horse racing theme in the holiday of appear, and, more important, based on the strong horse on the basis of the Tibetan people's feelings, creating unique national characteristics of horse racing culture.

(a) DaMaJie jomzi

The Tibetan April 10 to 28,, is HouCang people's traditional holiday--jomzi DaMaJie, Tibetan means horse race archery. From this starting in AD 1408, by AD 1447, DaMaJie entertainment activities more rich, and gradually mature, show also began to finalize the design. The content is mainly show Buddha picture, TiaoShen shaft, wrestling, horse race archery, embrace stone, etc.
The middle of the seventeenth century, the fifth dalai strengthen the theocracy rule system, governance after all over the Tibet, DaMaJie jomzi by Tibetan local government also sent a venrable officials that the jomzi Pope, white occupies temple manager, host festival activities. The religious activities, only is symbolically it, mainly for large-scale horse race archery competition, activities by day into time and three days or four days, the content is: religious ceremonies, horse race game, archery competition, rural feast activities.
Until today, DaMaJie jomzi added many time new content, "culture DaTai, act in an opera in economy", has become the DaMaJie jomzi for local economic construction is an important way of service.

(2) northern horse racing festival
Northern horse racing festival northern Tibet grassland is a traditional festival of the grand scale, so it is also called "prairie event held every year June 25 th, five to fifteen days before.
June's northern, sunny, the sky was miles, ma, with flowers and plants. A few days before the holiday, all over northern nomads, dressed in gorgeous holiday array, take of barley wine, yogurt and food son, take all kinds of patterns beautiful tents, card mat, riding on horses, from all directions flocked to the court.
During the holiday season, racetrack, waving flags and banners, racetrack west were filled with the audience, the girls with ShaJin covering the face, only show his two bai shuiling's clever big eyes. The game starts, see nearly riders in thin yellow satin CangZhuang, head wear yanling, with the red, yellow cloth cover satin, head felt hat, the foot wear hair into stockings. Female players DaQi the leader, small riders then play the drums and vocal support. They respectively by father lead a horse in the show ring. After a lap, and brought him to the designated place. To get to site, small riders will discontinue, on standby. The sound of a ringing, taking their smoke horse, run along, dashed to the end.
Horse racing is voluntarily participate in the northern. Not by local any restrictions, anyone can participate. In the game from 10 days before general race horse began. After the democratic reform, especially after the reform and opening, the party and government attached great importance to the traditional festival. In addition to the horse racing, archery and all kinds of equestrian performance and so on the traditional project, but also increased the weight lifting, tug-of-war project, and organize the art performance, a video, please folk artists rap "king gesar," and other activities, and also held a large material exchange.

(3) kangding horse racing festival
Kangding is in xikang political, economic and cultural center, the festival culture and other Tibetan areas difference, such as April Gautama birthday, July TiaoShen meeting etc, and the most regional features want to calculate kangding horse race mountains, which is also kangding horse racing festival.
Kangding horse race mountains, also called kangding horse race mountain horse racing congress, every year, to be held on May 13. The old legend in this ancient toast color more government, May 18, year flash floods, destroyed the old city. In order to pray in "the god", and avoid flood, MingZheng toast every year to decide in lunar May 10, will people, the temple in kangding county in horse race mountain, and 48 home GuoZhuang I sacrifice to the so-called "mountain". Horse racing activity was for this purpose, but local people have to be for trade exchange will be. At the horse race, 48, of each team GuoZhuang home game, according to GuoZhuang size share fixed horses personnel. The horse racing is usually the FangNiuWa 12, 3 years old.
Early in the morning on May 13 th, point the horse, it started to roll call, the GuoZhuang player in turn lead a horse arrangement. Horse racing is horse race along the gentle slope of the hill, to fire the number for the opposite mountain, at the MaJi hair, as in all the NaHanSheng, Mercedes and go. Because of the mountain is not wide, group of jun is crowded, every time the way of many lok ma rider, the winner by toast with prizes reward. It has a year, JiBo doll GuoZhuang business depression, does not have the money to hire the horse, no more money please people take part in jockey club. The before the game, JiBo dolls to borrow a horse master have crippled the old horse, had to personally ride up game. The results, old horse running in the final lame, but with its spirit can better toast, giving the same name to admire the first prize.
Later, kangding jockey club moved to the airport, but each year the mountains horse race still own song, even his like a cloud, kangding county town for the city for later.

(4) disk slope horse racing festival
Dish slope horse racing festival, also called plate slope grassland event, also said I will fort, hui autonomous county of qinghai province doors sources is near the Tibetan, Mongolian, earth, back to the people of all ethnic groups, such as han great jockey club. In the annual lunar August, crisp fall, MaZhuang biaofei ma when held. This is a nation anti event.
Festival in the morning, the sun rose slowly from the qilian mountain. Participate in the competition of the rider and nearby farmers and herders have to dish slope grassland, quiet grasslands. Suddenly a sea of people, very busy.
Horse racing outside, dragon-shaped canoes pulling, flags flying. Participate in the competition of riders, dashing edition, horse of the head stand. A gun went, horse racing began, see a horse sturdy horse SiTi vacated, of the dust float in the sky. Riders on the horse, like lightning, from people in front a passing. At this time on the racetrack the waves of applause and cheers.
Horse race after the game, and then the game starts. Riders all one hundred times spirit; hold the REINS, listed separately group, from the starting line of three hundred m place move, near the starting line, and listen to whistle a ring, riders flying mount a horse, horse all at once set up, emptied front feet, keep a hissing, and then coming SiTi, trying to run, see the rider athletes are brave calm, on his back, like a prairie spread eagles fly. Standing near by the audience, and a



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