The wood that peak, commentaries


The wood, the peak, covering an area of 200 square kilometers, elevation 7728 meters, Oregon and tm qifeng south: "B. The wood, facing the peak, also called the" goddess peak ", the erosion of the ridge east for blade, formed the elevation ridge nearly 2000 meters cliffs, the west slope is very gentle. The wood, with the peak in the largest glaciers in the western Himalayas. Around the glaciers of peak by three clear and translucent BingDaLin composition, like a fairy tale of the palace.
The wood that peak, with a beautiful touching love story.
According to legend, the Himalayas and the bottom of the hill, mountains are two very famous family, the wood that the Himalayas, is a beautiful outstanding woman. One day yellow
Faint, on wood that on the grassland, catch the flocks of sheep grazing led home, heard the distant sound of a song of rising gradually, this is to listen to sing to her love songs, she unwittingly toward the direction of song, went up to a look, he is because all tm (holy). So, she and he had a beautiful sweet night. In the second year, the Vatican's tm with heavy gift to the Himalayan family to marry him, before they came together the wood that for a wife, and establish happy marriage. So after a while, the annual horse racing festival began. Going to the horse RACES have the family of the Vatican, and the Himalayas, the kunlun mountains, TangGuLaShan is hundreds of riders. Because all the exquisite equestrian skill to tm won the title, the audience joy together his name.. as he accepted the girls to offer the flowers, was suddenly a girl responded by lovely eyes, from then on, he will never forget those eyes! So for her, one evening, because on the lake for tm's thoughts and sad time, this woman appeared, originally this beautiful flirtatious woman called the d manasseh, she is the daughter of locker tethys, for she tired of the sea life, like Oregon JiKuiWu tm handsome, he cast all the charm, then they often in the lake's back. The wood that always considerate to her husband, micro, love deeply and faithful, just start her husband go out every night don't care, but this time, she found that tm Oregon's upbeat, look pale. Until one day, she go looking for a lost sheep came to the lake, Oregon's tm found with a strange woman hug to each other is held. Just started to how she also don't believe my eyes, immediately feel very dizzy, you're hurting. The wood that, with their own... Hearts to move his, but because all already can't control wave himself. The wood that cannot be redeemed, the heart of her husband, but for his love does not decrease. The wood that in great pain, created such a belief: leave, back to the home, go back to the nation in the Himalayas. But by ba ga's prairie must at night, if at dawn is not out of the prairie, the dawn of god will attack a vital point method, to receive her soul, made her become a mountain, cost reduction samples. Just before she in ba ga's prairie a step back, tears, reluctant to go, it was getting brighter. The wood that only feel stiff limbs, unable to move, begin to be surrounded by ice and Snow White, the whole body is into a stone, frozen, she again reductive into r the snow-mantled peaks, standing alone in between heaven and earth, people in honor of her, took the mountain named for the wood, the peak. Because JiQing tm discovered that his wife had not around, looking for the wood, also be set when it into shape. And the wood that peak, separated by ba ga's prairie distantly faces, such as calling his own wife, and like to say his regret. The harmony and no escape and misfortune, and turned into a lake, namely the wrong and harmony. She is in the wood, and because the peak of qi tm between snow mountains, she wanted to put the eyes of Oregon qifeng tm attract over here, but came to Oregon's the tm, no attention to her, just staring, pay close attention to the because his own fault visual and flee, go from him, wood, the peak.
The 1980 s, the wood, or that a ChuNvFeng. According to data records: in 1864, trying to conquer the peak of several European mountaineers, wood, to the six l00 meters; In 1907, the famous European travellers HeDing had also through such activities as sven-this mountain. In 1926, several European mountaineers came here to almost a week around the mountain, we want to look for the ideal climbing route; In 1930, British climbers assault peak is still not success...... Until 1985, the sino-japanese joint team on the first climb wood, every successful peak, people in the remote regions also to its name familiar.



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