Tibet Tibetan opera-the norbulingka commentaries


Far away the friends, how do you do! I am very pleased today can take you to visit the visit famous garden-the norbulingka. The norbulingka, meaning baby garden, covers 36 ha. The main if seven to 14 garden dalai lama villa, also called the Summer Palace. Here are tall trees and lush singular beauty of flowers, have all kinds of birds and animals. Here is the most typical Tibet, the most beautiful and the most luxurious Lin of the card. Each year when the earth rejuvenation, the dalai lama and from the potala moved to here. The norbulingka mainly by the "quite see chapter", "golden quite chapter" and "of the long put a" chapter three of the palace.
I first briefly introduce the norbulingka's history in general. Vii dalai participation and that would follow in Tibetan minister ching court will, in here for he built the tent, this is the norbulingka predecessor. Vii dalai in old age in nearby fork built quite see chapter, and the name "the norbulingka", in each summer in a deal with government palace thanks chapter. After the rule of all in every March 18, Tibetan from moved to the norbulingka potala palace, to the Tibetan nine, in October to return to the potala palace. Personal rule of the dalai is perennial before in the learning method of Confucianism.
Construction of the norbulingka last two hundred remaining years. In this period ask, large-scale construction move have two novelist, a time in eight dalai period. Eight dalai period divides the sutra platform, the view is the dragon in the middle of the king's house, and the reading room, etc, has clearly the LinJianZhu Yu characteristics. Ten iii of the expansion of the dalai lama norbulingka activities, mainly is the monarch built golden Lin card,. In the garden built a golden west chapter and grace at Thornton in construction.
Now we begin to formally norbulingka visit. The norbulingka all directions with a door, the east front, we from the front door to enter. You see, KangSongSi round is positive the markeddest a attic. It is a Chinese type small wood pavilions, after a switch to for outlook is, east and repaired a fork to the performance of the open fields, for the dalai lama in the theatre. Here is the place of Tibetan opera sholton performance. Sholton is a dedicated yoghurt reduced the play festival and performance. Every year in the seventh month on the first of the Tibetan to fifth day, people to celebrate the sholton norbulingka. According to the past the dalai side noble officials give yoghurt feast, come from all over the Tibet blue mask and white mask CangXiDui take turns performance four days, people in festival also Lhasa monks costumes, with sour cream, such as Tibet, eating and drinking, and into eight garden amusement catering. More like Tibet sholton a art pageant. He is on the side of the very lacan, is the place of religious ceremony. It has the north side of the GaSha office and the conference room. Every summer, the potala in many government agencies, all with the dalai lama transferred to the norbulingka office.
He's very lacan northwest is see chapter quite, quite chapter is the meaning of the palace. For seven dalai lama shows often come to see the shower cure here, the qing dynasty in Tibetan minister will take a "cool and refreshing palace". This is the norbulingka first building. In the long reach up to a chapter is not built up, the 14 th diego lama once lived in the rich. Close to the pavilion house, 1751, seven dalai in their own name thanks to build a chapter, high three layers of palace, situated within the temple, rally, the custodian of the temple, and the reading room, bedroom and the office and meet with the dalai lama monks officials place. Now we visit the main halls. Here has seven dalai lama's throne, and hung precious tara thangka as guardian deity and like, there are nearly of the picture. 2 which of the Buddha figure of Buddha is upstairs, both sides have ocean's 16 like, on the wall mural records and hide the tubo king songtsen gampo * s reading biographies of story, in which a Buddha asked eight of the standard model of six arm is lama as guardian deity.
Now we very from him lacan to west, is quite concerning the auspicious chapter (in the middle of the palace), this is a group of interest is full of water architecture. Waterside pavilion north ratios, there is the dragon king pavilion "LuKang". To the east of waterside pavilion. East comprehensively. The west end of the waterside pavilion, is two floors of the spring increase a chapter, is the dalai lama reading place. Waterside pavilion south is a stable, is also raising other animal's place. Interestingly, even the stable this place, also in the signage, wall draw full 3 murals.
Now I introduce is up a chapter of the long, meaning "the eternal," for the two floors of the building, completed in 1956, generally called it the new house. Although is a modern building, but entirely according to the traditional appearance, but the modern facilities inside. It sets the palace and villas at an organic whole, the more quiet and tastefully laid out and magnificence.
The new house a layer of lobby has lions, tigers two pictures and expression distinct, lifelike, from the 14 th dalai painter anduo? Strong written and, in the DaJingTang GaSha baiguan figure and the tantra banyan tree room under the vow is strong and shakyas painted. Small appear, have a picture the coherence of the three wall murals, introduces in detail the history of Tibet. Contains the legend of the monkey change people spit, besides the rise and fall, sectarian rise, from the first hid the king came into the world to five ii and iii of the dalai and panchen ten visit to Beijing to return to Lhasa, etc, totaling 301 picture, is a Tibetan history picture scroll. In the small appear dedicated the king kong, manjusri bodhisattva and symbolizes.



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