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There is an old Chinese saying, called "li, in different weather different sound," said is climate change may be in a very small range will have clear distinction, live in hundreds of people outside, their tone of voice and sound is different. China is a vast land, not only forming rich local culture, and is people eating habits have very big difference.

As a long life in the high mountains of complete national, hidden nation has its own unique food structure and eating habits.

Oil, tea, ZanBa, beef and mutton, known as the Tibet of food "treasures of the study", and of barley wine and all kinds of dairy products.

Goat milk from cows, oil extracted. Oil refining of Tibet method is very simple, will milk a little warm, and then add in the barrel, and hundreds of flip, straight exhortations water-oil separation, and, after that, float in the top layer of the light yellow out of fat and loaded into leather bag, after cooling became trades. Oil has a high nutritional value, there are a number of ways to eat, but the main is used to make ghee tea.

By the Tibetan people's love of the tea, "love drinking tea nation," said one. Fish live in water, CangBao cannot leave the tea, Tibetan ethnic group is inseparable with tea origin of the true portraiture, more shows that drinking tea in the CangBao life's special status. Tea in Tibet is processed into many different varieties, the most common has ghee tea, sweet tea and green tea. In the roof of the world, whether you are hungry, or exhausted, as long as you drink a bowl of Tibet, will all add strength, instantly become energy and enthusiasm for increased, especially in the wind roar, the DiShuiChengBing DaDongTian, drink several cups of Tibet, and I feel that the whole body very warm, and the days of cold also can survive. One even said, when you was in poor health, bedridden, drink a bowl of strong tea, can detoxify curing illness, cancellation and disease. From the place at lower on the plateau, is often a sword of the wind to split the skin, you chaps, may also be serious lack of oxygen torture get dizzy, wheeze, flustered and vomiting, every scene, Tibetan compatriots will advise you to drink several cups of Tibet, all adverse reactions will gradually disappear. This shows, the wonders of Tibet. But how to learn to drink tea, there are many Chinese learning and etiquette:

Whether visitors from far away, or often come to the friends to often, a step into the door of the family, the first dedicated to the front of the guests is flavor of the Tibet. Master from the first color hidden ark take out the most clean profits to put guests on the tea table of before, and then holds a take the full of ghee tea kettle or thermos bottle, low position gently shake a few times, dump in front of you ChaWan, in his hands in you. The guest to drink tea, the host objects made a side, or in a few guests cycle. Drink a guest, the host add a, with drink with add, considerate, do bowl often full, tea room temperature, just calculate do the responsibility of the master.

The guest before tea, with the right hand in the ring finger ChaWan touchs a few tea, fingers up, and in the air with the three times, says dedication to god, dragon and DeZhi. Drinking tea can't too hard too fast, gently blow to open tea on the floating oil, points drink several times, stay half or so, wait for the host added just drink. Drinking tea can't drink out of the ring, gently drink sip. Drink very nasty, will be master as no culture, to be called "the hair donkey water". Drinking tea can't a gulp, more can't drink a bowl and then walk, general with three bowls of the most auspicious for capital, Lhasa, a proverb, and a bowl of into an enemy.

ZanBa is one of the important Tibetan food, make very simple, will barley (class of barley, a white tresses and two) dry fry ripe, ground to a fine flour, and this became the ZanBa for food. ZanBa edible is very simple, commonly known as the 斪 ヴ 螖 wa. To serve, will ZanBa bowl, add a little ghee tea, with the thumb withhold bowl along, and that the remaining four refers to keep turning, ghee and ZanBa and mix well to knead into small community and food.

Air dry meat is Tibet very distinctive a kind of food. By the end of the temperature is below zero, will cut beef and mutton into small pieces, hang in shady and cool place, make its natural drying, the year two, march to serve, not only fleshy crunchy, unique taste, after food with an endless aftertaste.

Of barley wine with barley is a very low degree of wine, the Tibetan people of all ages like to drink, it was a happy for the feast drinks, of barley wine production process is very unique. First the barley wash boil, wait for lower temperature, then add yield, with POTS or barrel pack good closed, let the fermentation, two, three days later, add in water and cover, lie between a day or two after becomes of barley wine. Colour and lustre of barley wine orange, taste sweet and sour, very low alcohol content, similar to beer. Drink of barley wine exquisite "three a cup of", the first drink a, fill, again drink a, then fill, drink the third mouth, fill do a drink. General succeeded, men and women will sing JiuGe master toast. Grand feast, have special toast girl, a Tibetan 挸 Xiao meng called 陹, they wear the most luxuriant dress, singing the most attractive JiuGe, take turns to urge to drink, until the guest pass out so far.

Agricultural and pastoral area diet each have their own characteristics. Pastoral areas except ZanBa, flour the diet, can simply divided into "red food", "white food". "Red" refers to the meat, "white" refers to the milk. Summer with "white food" give priority to, in the winter with "red food" give priority to. Pastoral areas famous snacks have hand grasp mutton, roast mule and air dry meat.

Tibetan meal very fastidious. And their respective sit in his thick pad, a separate Tibetan desk before eating. Tibetan dishes have air dry meat, milk slag cake, the ginseng fruits cake, fry beef, hot tripe, enema, fills lung, stewed mutton sheep, stewing top. The staple food ZanBa, milk slag ghee has steamed stuffed bun, Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, Tibetan dumplings, noodles, Fried noodles fruit, etc.

Tibetan meal of the taste of the exquisite delicate, peace. Many dishes, in addition to salt and onion garlic, don't put any spicy condiment, reflected the catering culture return to the life emotional appeal.

There are many towns all over Tibet various grades of Tibetan restaurant. These restaurants both high-grade or crude, the decoration design mostly attention reflect national characteristics. "The dog hoof" wooden desk, iron stove, "eight red", Tibetan PuTuan, auspicious heat-trapping figure and mural, embodies the Tibetan spiritual pursuit.

Tourists to Tibet, can selectively eat some distinctive Tibetan meal, Tibetan dishes, such as all kinds of enema, of barley wine and Tibet, cows and sheep hand grasp meat, cold yak tongue, steamed stuffed bun, Zan rakes, all kinds of cakes, and sweet tea, tea, acid



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