Tibetan funeral custom


Chicago funeral, is life finally a "through the ceremony", also is the final a "from the ceremony. The nation of China in the natural environment, social form, religious belief is differ, then form the funerals of diverse and funeral Chicago way.
According to the archaeological workers in the south, Lin zhi, ali, such as large areas of the archaeological survey found here and work the material collected confirmed that Tibet as early as 1000 years as tomb before it has a complete set of system, the funeral ritual grand, after the regular sacrifice and buried activities.

Celestial burial masters in Tibet, the celestial burial in most common. Tibetan says for "more than just" celestial burial, namely griffin (Tibetan habits called griffin eagle). The celestial burial ground is, all around the fixed location. People died, stop corpse days, please lama next to chant buddhist scripture funeral. A funeral general early, will be sent to the ground corpse. The company was buried first burning incense for god, griffin saw fireworks and gathered in around the ground. Celestial burial master then body clothes strip, according to certain procedures dismembered body, meat bone detachment. With stones crushed bones, and mix with Zan rake, meat and cut into small pieces put aside. Finally, the scion with whistle call to griffin, according to the bone and flesh fed order until completely swallowed. Furnace HuoLe Pope of four regions, celestial burial platform edge stake, after shipment to the body, XieSheng strip, the body will face down on the corpse dynasty put back in, will the rope to bundle stake in limbs respectively, the first cut off his head, then press the row methods to cut, eat meat for griffin, then the bone and head a smashed, mix on ZanBa trades, feeding griffin together.

ShuiZang ShuiZang to basically have two kinds of forms. One is the whole corpse thrown into rivers in, scales and pursues the plunge in ganzi that the custom. General is two people funeral, will be back to a depth of water rapids place dropped into the river, and in the place ZanBa burn point smoke, ZangYi which will end. According to the area, scales, immediately after death in waist cut on a sword, then head JiaoXiang fold bundle of good. Put people BeiDou in, mouth take a cloth. The day by one back to throw a person in the river. The second is dismembered bodies will again after the into rivers. Ganzi stagg gong in ShuiZang custom of the same, the more at a funeral in the night, and was buried in the water to choose a swirl of waters around the thread, a wooden pier to the funeral, the body was first on the mound, according to joint with axe from top to bottom to dismember, cut a piece of cast a piece, the last even cut axe, body bags and the surrounding soil into the waters with blood. Ganzi flocking dam in ShuiZang bifurcation, dismembered body exquisite corpse placement, male of horizontal buy, buy on women. And the southern region of garbage at kang-pa, solution with iron can't limbs, can with the knife, wood processing ShiFu implementation. The south Tibetan forest, also typically after dismembered bodies into the rivers.

ShuiZang, at the health area folk is very popular. In the former, HouCang areas, thought that ShuiZang despised, only a beggar, a patient, extreme poverty or with only the ShuiZang to infectious diseases.

Burial was the original Tibetan inherent bury common. But in the popular after the celestial burial, Tibet have changed know, thought the burial was the worst of a kind of such. General for leprosy, infectious diseases such as smallpox and anthrax patient of the body, or the robber, murderers, was killed the body of the sword. The peaceful liberation of Tibet law does not allow them to celestial burial or ShuiZang, only allowed to dig into the ground buried, destroy the roots mean. The burial customs, mainly in the sichuan ganzi prefecture of aba and two parts pop. County area is buried stagg fixed, and was buried pit for deep about 1.5 meters of the cone, slightly and the corn, the corpse wrapped with a cloth, is a face west and sitting in a pit, then covered landfill matter, not departed persons base, put above a carved piece of curse the marnie stone, insert the JingFan, ZangYi which will end. BaiYuHe slope area, is a after the pit, have above a few white stone lei into graves, put on a piece of MuPai, local Tibetan called "BaKa" (the ghost LingPai). Daofu area is happy event with a hole on the type and buried, i.e. not down to dig. But in the soil to dig a pit wall. The wooden coffin push the pit, outside with rocks build by laying bricks or stones good the mouth of the cave, again with mud paste is flat and level. Some painting a ox or sheep's head on, above something to lime, put a root JingFan.

Cremation in Tibetan areas cremation who used in buddhist monk and more noble. The general procedure is: people die, our bodies bind them in posture, the fixed on the gallows, carried to the crematorium. Put the body in the shape of a cross home pile wood, and then all round with wood phase to hold out. Please of the hate people face a corpse to sit, chant prayers the dead by the god of heaven soul accept, at the same time in the pile wood oil spilled on the ignition. Body burner was finished, pick the bone ashes, brought to the mountain top seeds along, or in the rivers and, let water away. In CangDong country and sichuan Tibetan region also generally popular cremated. In the new capital bridge area for the holy and was buried on cremation, was buried type is very special, death by several elderly body scrub, cross DieQi limbs, facial features, and then into the oil with white cloth bodies will be bound up, the dead head cloth picture? "e" sign, the left breast painting six stars, nine bows and arrows, 1 fish, 1 heads, a sheep head. Then the body in a room on the floor, please read the lama 3 days. When the cremation of grain and sugar to prepare together cremation. In addition to prepare for 161 of the small wooden sticks, 39 m face little bread and 39 ghee bag, used as a burned offering spirit and hungry.

DaZang Tibetan big living buddhas of basic DaZang. Some living buddhas are cremated bodies, the ashes in spirit; Also some living buddhas die, our bodies through dehydration directly into clay sculpture after figure of Buddha. Respectable big after the death of a living Buddha, the body with salt with dehydration, then put spices and other precious drug, with silk mahjong systemic package, build by laying bricks or stones was buried in tower, thought the permanent preservation. Spirit points gold, silver, copper, wood, clay various, according to the status of living buddhas height and decide. If the dalai and panchen died after to build gold spirit, and GanDan ChiBa can only be built the silver spirit. After the completion of the spirit in the temple, respectively.

Tibetan ill children, not normally held funeral, but within the body in POTS, cover thrown into the rivers; Also some clay POTS in the long stored within warehouse.

In Tibetan areas of individual remote areas and its sarcophagus was buried and cliff was buried custom.

Acupuncture point was buried acupuncture point was buried prevailed in the BaiMa Tibetan areas of gansu province. Here people died, baptism change clothes, bound bundles into squat down seated, and then placed in the pits, cover a board, and then formed buried. Winter bodies not easy corruption, so the cremated. His clan of cemetery and a grave column.

Send coffin was buried send coffin was buried eventually burial, popular music a boat in gansu province



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