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Ngari district is located in the qinghai-tibet plateau Tibetan most west, north to xinjiang, qinghai, east in naqu area for Shigatse, southwest respectively with the Kashmir, India and Nepal border countries, for more than one thousand km border, is China's longest boundary line in the region.

For all of the Himalayas, KaLaKunLunShan and the bottom of the hill, suspended junggar, leather and kyrgyzstan, change is, often and th soil, concerning the firm of plank, seven county, with a total area of 34 square kilometers (including 3, 5 square kilometers sino-indian dispute area), is greater than British soil, a sum equivalent to two Germany, more than three the area of zhejiang province. Because of bad living environment, population is only seventy thousand people, is the world of human existence where the smallest area population density. Among them is the river in the spring ali of political, economic and cultural center

Tibet is the very roof of the world, ali and is on the roof ridge, its magic plateau style irresistibly attracted numerous explorers to uniform it. Here's to dial as high as 4200 meters, 1655 km away from Lhasa. Ali's the lake is wrong and harmony "sacred", because JiShan tm is "mountain", in the heart of the Tibetan people they are "in the middle of the world", with unique position. Now tourism has more and more become ali to Tibet tourism in the most popular, the most fashionable a ride.

Ngariself-help tour has always been very hard, but today's Ngari plateau, have passed straight through new g219 highway north and south and the world outside established close contact. To get to the ali, only go highway. Starting from Lhasa two line, 1 760 km north road, south road 1190 kilometers, the first, arrive from Lhasa after uzbek mulberry mulberry of 22 after attended. Bifurcation point in the SAN SAN after attended 22, generally north road car more, south road tour group is usually to go. But to Lhasa, ali farther north way to go. The scenery of the downtown and uptown are completely different. Almost all the downtown in mountain walking around, magnificent scenery, is a scene of hollowness uptown.
The Tibetan antelope bus uptown the provincial highway operation, annual open to traffic, every 2-3 days a designated bus; The national highway 219 line of France, for seasonal open to traffic, divisions between. Also can be in office, etc GongWuChe ali, office in the hot niang road, and the Tibetan antelope passenger next to the company. Also can sit down first bus to rikeze. Near the bus stop many xigaze transportation information department, to ali, camphorwood, etc all can entrust them to get the car, all is the Toyota of course want to hand in costs, the fare for 1000 yuan, ali camphorwood 220 yuan, can cut down.

ZiJiaYou tourists driving Mercedes on the world the highest elevation of the highway, can see ali plateau natural decent and customs.
Ali: the seven diseases visitors should not be into the plateau
· Tibet ali each big landscape
Ali through Tibet most interesting place
· the GuanXue and ali mountain hill's tm despair

Transportation guide and lines
From Lhasa to ali has two way, northern road 1760 kilometers, the south road 1190 kilometers. Northern road car some more, south way almost Tours to just walk alone.

Lhasa-pull kirgiz mulberry mulberry-22-attended the: the mulberry mulberry after the north and south is way bifurcation attended 22. Highway in pull after uzbek 6 km from the china-nepal highway to the west, about 235 kilometers to the double attended. Pavement is relatively good situation, the truck on average 40 km/hour open.

No bus go this way, only car rental or a lift. Car rental in Lhasa and xigaze best, but the travel agency of Lhasa xigaze than travel agency for more care travelers wallet how much, and in the service of commitment is a bit poor some, so many to buckle asked to do so.

Travelers want to hitch a ride to ali, you must go to the xigaze or pull uzbek. Kirgiz, better, to ali or the car of Nepal this small town. Some travelers will be to pull ahead of the kirgiz 6 km branches etc. Car, the branches is a bridge, all the transporter to ali are from then on through the, is a good place to hitch a ride.

North word
Lhasa-xigaze: Lhasa to ali, farther north way to go. Lhasa to pull a straight kirgiz, especially to xigaze article is the road asphalt, is 250 kilometers long, pass by YangHu. If you want to view lake, have to take the old highway, old road 340 kilometers, the hard line, including GanBaLa climb mountain pass, at the top YangHu overlooked. Because the new road time consuming than, can only live in xigaze jomzi or a night, and can't straight adr [or more.

Shigatse and uzbek: xigaze to pull 157 km kirgiz, way straight and flat. Then, a lift can be followed in pull or faint 6, 7 kilometers of bridge finding the car, bridge better. Pull a few hotel kirgiz, 15 yuan/person, between a few restaurants. Here is also the best to eat before ali a meal, a shop selling noodles, sugar, biscuits, beverage, in this to fill the still need to items.

Pull kirgiz remind: pull on kirgiz few accommodation, trucks have to keep on one day turn until next night point, and depending on the car's often bad and road for landslides.

Pull kirgiz-card ga: the bridge, into the valley, has some of the Tibetan villages scattered, if the driver good wish often stop words, this is a picture of good places. Go straight 50 km to card honk town, Tibetan village in the way of the right, of the truck stood in the left just ahead, a basic food, beer and stay overnight, the town has a picturesque lake.

Card ga-mulberry mulberry: go 65 kilometers is mulberry mulberry, of older town, there are restaurants, stores, and stay. Mulberry mulberry and card honk all 10 yuan/night.

Mulberry mulberry-22 attended: from mulberry mulberry to 370 miles (kilometers) concerning the frequently, the way the basic didn't accommodation. After the 125 km from mulberry attended a double old han Tibetan road signs, and mean to Ngari, in the south go south way is. On the north road, road will go bad, then the 436 kilometers is the whole trip in the worst way, can only go 15 or 20 km/hour.

22-concerning the north of attended the attendance: 22 after the way north attended the special is very bumpy, fortunately have exciting scenery as compensation. 2 after attended the 20 minutes, can see hot spring or geysers, soon, pass by a group of lake, the lake of the incredible blue. Cuo frequently county, the best night to go early. Plateau hotel 15 yuan/people, not to eat, but even if you ask the hotel open blisters instant noodles also to borrow money,



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