wufengshan Racing Festival


On may DuanYangJie before the 35 days, five phoenix mountain far and near Tibetan will to the lush forest hill pitched tent, and prepared an abundance of food and excellent wine waiting for the arrival of the horse racing festival. The tents of the snow-capped mountains, the snow-capped mountains. Ease by the old people do the hand work; The children playing in the hillside lawn brook; The girls dressed "comb, then the most beautiful, wear the most exquisite, the most satisfied the costumes, the sa a pile of both a said this to another peep out than the; Boys in busy set-up mounts, tidy up saddlery, little also not to miss a few of many look eye. According to the old man speak, five phoenix mountain is a mountain, the mountain has five phoenix, meet peace time, people will see the phoenix mountain air to dance. Now DuanYang year after year, the five phoenix mountain, playing around, even the top of the mountain is a sea of faces, cheerful people and kid cap, red TouPa, white WeiYao, chu and etc of the unique national costumes here to phoenix one thousand ornament is playing, dance.

DuanYangJie early that morning, collectors man got up early feed the beloved horse, give it saddled the best and most eye-catching saddle Pei, put it up PiGongGuaLu, even the tail line reaches the color. People have led a horse together in secret for yourself and horses, also for all the horse and rider grade hand, want to do a known and know the racer.

The day of the game content is very rich also is very exciting, than the speed of the horse race, the steady pace than horses, and immediately leaned over and pick up silver, pick up flags...... This immediately took up most DongBoJingXin of silver, and a horse for the most breathtaking speed. The fierce competition, both of man and of the rolling horse fall runway occurs frequently, but stand up in the instant a horse, the rider and firmly "stuck" in the horse up to meet new challenges. Why are they so stubborn? The story is this: it was a long time ago, hide the king in Lhasa each year to hold a jockey club, building the pond's players but unsuccessful several times and were hidden king pilloried as "Ada ink" (did not leave the braid gang head lama), and announced that players such as unsuccessful built pond again to pay double king food. Was built a young people all Dan pond brought the Lord, he set out to argue for the hometown tone. So he set up a under five phoenix mountain top white cloth tents, working day and night to practice dressage bow. After winter summer, he gives a skill, finally the game in Lhasa won the first prize. Hide the king said to the little hero to what, he said that as long as the king of hidden from the king of the heavy build pond pay food. The king promised to hide his request. Built to honor the people's pond little hero, five phoenix mountain in the a pavilion, all that the Lord plastic Dan flying like dark horse riding, and agreed the annual lunar may fifth day held here horse racing.

This is just the legend, I think, the stubborn riders on horseback to find myself, to find their own, has confirmed that he is.

And the Chinese local Chronicles is how to record the history of horse racing festival and evolution? According to the zhongdian county annals office "account:" may the smoke offering had jockey club Tibetan quarter. Clear qing two years (in 1724), yunnan, zhongdian ownership after soldiers stationed, also sent at the foot of the army of the YanWuTing established on apri 6 May, at the foot of the horse race YanWu, archery, time, and the Dragon Boat Festival one. On holiday, city people's will to five phoenix mountain foot play, horse racing, jump GuoZhuang, wrestling, tug-of-war." There is a record and said: "in 1990, the county people's government officially decided in May for local traditional festival of the jockey club, during which held simultaneously art performance, folk song contest, the national dress exhibition, material exchange, etc. Various kinds of cultural economic activity. May jockey club has become a cultural art festival zhongdian. In the literature DaTai, act in an opera in economy, opening to enliven the economy is play an irreplaceable role." That year, the local government has successfully held the first "yunnan sichuan-tibet adjacent areas county economy cooperation convention", in the foothills of the phoenix dancing around the country have held the nearly people who took part in a press conference. From then on through the pond a culture building the bridge to the country, to the world.



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