XiAn-Lhasa journey


[reading] xian-Tibet Lhasa road books.

In the summer of 2010 road trip to Tibet book

Day 1: xian-and (700 kilometers). The second plan: the lanzhou city west solid area (630 km)

(the second day: and-the black horse river (340 kilometers). The solution: 151 accommodation stand. Visit qinghai lake riyue mountain and qinghai

Lake lake scenery.

Day 3: the black horse river-- the black horse river-marcus tea card (80 + 80 + 80).

Day 4: tea card-were ulam--big ChaiDan-golmud (this journey 580 kilometers, but the scenery is better)

On the fourth day the second plan: tea card-Syria-golmud (this journey 480 kilometers) of this section of the road landscape is better, but far from one hundred kilometers.

Day 5: the rest golmud to check your car

Through the kunlun mountains scheme: the sixth day afternoon start. On the day of the rest of the western. Travel 140 km (on the day of the kunlun mountains on view

Scene, kunlun earthquake site. Big YuZhuFeng snow mountain west beach, etc.). This arrangement to adapt and adjust the response of the high mountains.

On the seventh day: west big beach-hot spring (about four hundred kilometers) (stay to see after the scene and return tangula)

Day 8: hot springs-DangXiong (380 kilometers) (northern Tibet grassland view)

Day 9: DangXiong-Lhasa (170 kilometers).

Through the kunlun mountains second plan:

The sixth day: golmud originates (420 km)-

On the seventh day:-TangGuLaShan originates (180)-(170)-DangXiong naqu (165) total of 510 km)

Day 8: DangXiong-Lhasa (170 km)

Optional plan to DangXiong can consider to go to when lake namco's schedule. 100-kilometer back and forth. Need to two days and a half.

(note: the first and second plan according to the scheme was climate, the physical condition to determine)

Tibet arrangement:

Day 10: to recover. Visit jokhang temple, bajiao street. Lhasa river (the sun),.

Day 11: potala palace. ROM. Step colin, drepung monastery, etc. After supper walk Lhasa river. Check the vehicle.

12 days: the yamzho yumco jomzi to.

The thirteenth day: xigaze-music-NaiDong water

Day 14: NaiDong-BaYiZhen

15 days: BaYiZhen retirement, tour.

15 days: BaYiZhen-Lhasa

16 days: Lhasa shopping, sightseeing. Car maintenance

Day 17: Lhasa-naqu (330 km)-the anduo (82 kilometers) total of 420 kilometers

18 days: the anduo-golmud (700 km)

19 days: golmud to recover

20 days: qinghai lake

21 days: lanzhou

22 days:

For items that

Certificate categories:

The second generation id card. Employee's card. Marriage certificate. Postal deposit card and card. The driver's license. Registration paper. Surcharge card. Insurance certificate. Address book. Spare photos. Highway maintenance fees certificate. Vehicles and the guarantee maintenance address

Auto parts:

Full set of repair tools, fill fetal tools, air pump, DianLaoTie and solder wire. Two barrels of oil. An antifreeze. The brake oil. Wire several meters. All kinds of nuts and bolts. Spare belt. Trailer on the rope. The refrigerator. Inverter. Military Xian fold. Car XianShouTao with 10 pairs. Board of (mat with mud. Ab glue. 1 a spare oil. The tyres screw nuts. Keys and remote control. All kinds of lights. The spark plug (a), ignition coil, fuse some (especially 40, 50, 60 a), machine filter, air filter. Oil cleansing agents, a compass. Jumper the power cord. A multimeter. Scotch tape. A fuel filter (their stockings substitution) ab glue. 502 glue

Living articles:

Tent. Sleeping bags (four). Bed sheets and thin the quilt. Moistureproof mat (two), bamboo mat, picnic mat. Canvas pad. With his head two. Activities toilet (can be converted activities pergamino). DiShaSi. Clothesline. Cell phone (three) and backup battery, charger and backup card (unicom card and DianXinKa each one). A compass, bucket, vacuum flask and cup, the meal together and chopsticks. Swiss army knife. The CDS. Matches. Spare batteries. Garbage bags. The telescope. Spare glasses. Emergency light and a flashlight. An umbrella (2). A raincoat. Gifts in pencil. With this record and pen. Tear gas. Infrared alarm. Charger. Fire extinguisher spare (by), dark glasses. Oxygen stand. Vehicle electric mug. Dozens of yuan $1 COINS and right amount the coin (sent a beggar and used for accommodation with). His radio. The small soap and shampoo hotel (for personal use or to send people).

Books categories:

Auto repair manual. All kinds of the Tibet travel books. All kinds of map. All kinds of the Tibet travel material, cutting machine's thrusters address.

Drug class:

Cold medicine, antidiarrheal, efficient antiphlogistic medicine, aspirin. Sunscreen (at least above framework), lip balm, hemostatic bandages, a band-aid, eye drops, alcohol disinfection cotton, American ginseng, yunnan baiyao, gold; but kang; As water burner. Brown sugar. Thermometer. A neck. Cropland 7 spray. Iodine. Mask. Vitamin supplement medicine (21 JinWei it), the disinfection spray.


Compression military food (amount). All kinds of spare and canned food. Milk tablets. Chocolate. Tea. Pure water several bottles. The bamboo shoots in cans. Snack food. Beef jerkys. Garlic and pressure the juice. But for seasoning of canned meat. Seasoning. Appropriate instant noodles and snack? . Sweet chilli sauce. Sausage right amount. Chewing gum (car with a leak). Moderate candy (for children or for personal use).

Clothing categories:

Ets. Charge garments. Coat. The boots or other boots. Travel. Cloth shoes. Slippers. Sunbonnet. The shirt. Photography vest. Sweater or catch down jacket. T-shirts. Underwear. QiuKu. Pants. Socks. The gloves. Speed dry pants. The clothesline. Swimming sweater and pants.

The things that wash gargle:

Sterilized wet tissue, big towel, toilet soap, soap. Dental composites, comb, slippers; Toilet paper.

Photographic equipment:

Camera of four (a1. F1. A fool



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