XiNing-Lhasa journey


[reading] xining-golmud-Lhasa book drive road, the road drive.

The highway (xining-golmud-Lhasa)

The 1160 km of road, all for the black level road, is called "the roof of the world of the Suez Canal," for the 80% of the transportation of goods into Tibet. All an average elevation in the 4000 meters and above.

Golmud: located in the central of qinghai province of a new industrial city, the long distance bus regular contacts in gansu province, Tibet, and when new hidden, yunnan-tibet and sichuan-tibet highway for winter FengLu or sections landslides, more will bypass golmud, land is Tibet foreign throat of the traffic. Golmud tourism attractions is not much, but the road in and out of the Lhasa passengers, golmud station is inevitable.

The kunlun mountain pass: from golmud, driving 110 miles over the kunlun mountain pass, afternoon from golmud set off car, general will stop at an altitude of 4200 meters kunlun mountain pass mess, oxygen level ground less than, alpine reaction in the most headache dizzy from here and for early to Tibet's people, eat this meal as anything uncomfortable; The tuotuo river is wudaoliang, the mountainous region relationship, the weather is unpredictable, even if 7, in August will also between musical snowing.

Originates: is the Yangtze river headwaters, from an altitude of 6621 meters tangula mountain peak pull all winter on the mountains; Join MaErHe becomes originates chu TongTianHe, into the sichuan, yunnan, renamed jinsha river, and finally become the Yangtze river.

Arrive tanggula mountain: leave originates, go to the south 203 kilometers, then climb the highest point of the-all arrive tanggula mountain, also is the qinghai and Tibet's border, this area is a frozen soil; The temperature in the long run, the freezing point, clay layer of water ice for years, make the road surface is easy to damage. Pass the weather is not stable, even if the summer, highway and it is often the sealing snow, hail, it is common to the natives phenomenon, this air oxygen levels only horizon of the sixty percent, so general passengers arrive tanggula mountain pass by, a remarkable mountain reaction. Bus usually here for a stay, don't miss in the "arrive tanggula mountain"-an altitude of 5231 meters were the tablet.

Study: car over after arrive tanggula mountain, highly gradually declined, alpine reaction are slow, as in, before slowly began to study. The study, meaning that only a few hours' drive from Lhasa, the Tibetan language study means "heihe river", is located in the northern Tibet, TangGuLaShan and nyenchen tanglha between, elevation 4600 meters, of plateau hilly area, appear all year round, wind, frost hail, the weather is dry, cold. 8-September is the golden season in northern, the annual horse racing festival held here, sightseeing and people, and the vendors, various people follow.

The highway, black chang highway (sichuan-tibet road), heihe river highway and three here-to become the main northern naqu area traffic town.

Accommodation: naqu hotel, a double room RMB 90, public toilet and bathroom.

County hostel, each ¥15, public toilet.

Transportation: long-distance bus station regularly divisions in Lhasa, DangXiong walk, the county, golmud, etc. Because of the traffic network developed, than other vehicles into Tibet for highway, and from the four seasons the impact of climate change, so just in the evening in a parking lot or wait by the hostel, it is not hard to find the ride.

DangXiong: left to walk again after 164 km naqu DangXiong to reach. DangXiong also place in central Tibet, belong to the bottom of the hill, the mountains-nyenchen tanglha zone. Tourism attractions have from DangXiong 48 kilometers namucuo, and went to the south side 80 kilometers is geothermal hot spring yangbajain with, and 87 kilometers from after yangbajain, is the highway terminal-Lhasa.



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