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? haven't been to Tibet's people may not believe, has been to Tibet person may be very rare, base of the hair donkey actually become "VIP", accept all kinds of farmers diligent soil hospitality. Tibet south jersey when the suburban town, there are such a festival called "as GuAng", literal translation for "the hair donkey called", it is "the hair donkey SaHuan" "hair donkey time" means. Because the hair donkey often stimulated in a time, just straight the neck "AngAng" shout loudly.

This festival in the closing days of fat to hold.

In the past the Tibet farmers very hard, and the ass of the farmers more hard work. According to the feudal system of body of the manor, serfs to kind of their own both "share", and to kind of the plantation "proprietary", and Tibetan local government at any time burden, Tibetan army and long distance or short of the temple corvee transportation. As the main of the hair donkey laden livestock, is really a whole year of sweat on the dry didn't of back injury is not healing, for always loaded with heavy loads. Have such a folk song:

"Oh, come, come,

A flocking to the village of the hair donkey;

Hair donkey noisy the bell,

Surprised broke master dream!

Master also in sweet dreams, serfs and his hair donkey has been on hard time. And one, very image to describe the hair donkey situation:

In the western suburbs of Lhasa road,

Hair donkey run than MaKuai;

Not the hair donkey run fast,

Is the master tailed whip.

Just over a year Tibetan New Year, rural immediately enter the spring plowing a lot. Ze when plain is Tibet agriculture gold district, intensive cultivation has a history of two thousand years. From the farm to the farmers are very attention manure fertilization, piles of fat pile of all by people carry the donkey luck. So send fertilizer during busy first saw two farmers stars, the hair donkey back grind the scar of scars. When a mountain of manure to YaLong river after the field, the annual "entertainment section ass" and in a desert of the fertilizer on the start.

Festival quaint, everything is upside down.

The hair donkey is taken off my set, remove wood saddle, even a bells or leaving a, let it free, random walk off, as guests of the celebration. The farmer is to put my ass on the set, on the donkey of my bell, and even take the wood saddle the donkey. In a word, they put themselves up as the donkey. The farmer please hair donkey drink of barley wine, Tibet, and rural usually unacquainted festival food. They accompany to eat and drink, but can't standing, also cannot use bowl, spoons or chopsticks, but like an ass, lie on the ground directly on the mouth "ga fall" (bronze basin) lick ZanBa, suck tea wine. Of course this kind of food and drink are acting strange.

Eat enough, farmers began to show, they imitate the hair donkey attitude, running in the wilderness, in the clay ground roll around, LiaoJueZi, swing ears, the neck straight blare roar, already lovely and funny, made everyone ha ha straight joy. Be drunk the the donkey, did not care about and enjoy the performance of the master, but his crazy jumping about jumping, long HSS short call, the self-expression desire is very strong. The entire fairground people huan donkey dance, blast.

The stewards of the estate, the overseer, ferial bullying "hooray" (a labor poor farmers), any beat and scold the people, in the entertainment section on donkeys, performers often pretend crazy hair donkey, and ran, and play them two feet, cui a mouthful, in and out of the backlog in the belly complains, kicked the of course very angry, but this day is "the hair donkey sacred", the hair donkey all action is the patron saint of home protection, they also have to forget about it.

The hair donkey is Tibet farmers weal and woe friends, they eat the most coarse food, do the most hard living, obscure and work hard, loyal and people in the stands almost unbearable especially drudgery, complaint or regret to take over. The farmer to the hair donkey is very grateful, or even full of admiration, always want to find a chance to "reward" some kind of, even with their asses can also, as long as the hair donkey happy and satisfied. Of course, the donkey, and entertainment entertainment, after the hard labor manure send fertilizer, the farmers people worn out, come together to drink alcohol, sings, the donkey when people, people play the donkey, carnival Shouting, and everybody laughing gas guzzler on one day, forget distress, eliminate fatigue, at ordinary times, to the person who is oppressed his blow off steam, also is the life a joy. A brief relax, the more heavy plow sow, and waiting to them.



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