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Today we visit is famous and god tm qifeng.
Tm qifeng hill, stands in the county territory plank, springs from the river town of more than 200 kilometers, is apart from about 100 kilometres plank county, and is continuous in, seal, and the border, elevation 6656 meters, is the bottom of the hill, the mountain peaks. Tashan form if olive, straight into the sky and the summit as colorful round champions league, around eight lotus as round the, the body as crystal build by laying bricks or stones becomes, just like the high technology extremely jade inlay ice sculptures. Because of its steep, still no man can climb ChuNvFeng. The east WanBaoShan, legend is the mountain Buddha feet, and the west is tara mountain, the south is the goddess of wisdom peak, the guardian deity dashan.
You see, mountain are different, its mysterious place is, the mountain to the sun, don't know why. Permanent snow don't change, since some snow, sparkling in the sun, spotlessly white. And on the back of the mountain, gen years have no snow, even if be covered with snow, and the sun, the snow and turn immediately, just right and nature of the snow on the shady, sun didn't snow instead.
I give you explain a F the mountain name means. Tell you what, the Vatican, "hill" which means "snow" mean, "bottom, is the" snow mountain "means. And because all tm Tibetan meaning "baby snow mountain", Sanskrit meaning "shiva's paradise. Electricity is the myth of god" heaven ". There have been many China in this vow to practice the monks, and here long ago became buddhist, Hindu, jainism and bon religion four common belief that the sectarian center, is, in India, the three families, tens of thousands of followers spectators mecca.
Tibetan Buddhism think it is known-joy of immeasurable palace, around the mountains of the river are for the win joy of the palace of part, containing the esoteric religious meaning. According to legend, in a net period, from the day god and the mundane also four four found god Shan south of incense occupation state of empty line 8 place, four ferocious person and four Russian occupation gang, the mountain, 8 from land, four lu and four the asuras occupied 8 from underground, four nonhuman and four evil female occupied the holy land and 8 was buried field 24. They are invited great freedom avatars big janjaweed gods to consecrate, but not to invite janjaweed personally, but turns out 24 stone may dispense a penis. Because of the uncertainty of the janjaweed sacrifice to kill large phallus, make these places are more evil creatures, greed, hatred. To this, the color of the day in what a mercy Buddha king heart, with its fierce in the conquered in the mecca of 24 ghosts-gods, the blessing-music to Buddha, as for stone penis. Electricity to 24-music instead of figure of Buddha. From then on, the bottom of the hill, mountain into a winning music the palace of Buddha.
The bottom of the hill, and numerous mountain Buddha, Buddha and perfect the monks blessing and the sanctuary of the practice. Legend has it that shakyamuni Buddha in when his plastic 3 statue of Buddha, dedicated to robust and of human world, also. Russian kampot with god king collapse become world meet please release statue of Buddha consecrate, but not consecrate the special enthronement of the Buddha, and want to use god changed the holy hill, back nets. Then sakyamuni and five hundred flew immediately to the bottom of the ocean's Oregon, a mountain, in the bottom of the hill, the south "ocean's five hundred gather basin" or that "temple city" rock leave footprints E, at the same time, the sacred each corner keep a footprint, known as the "bottom, still four nail", it cannot go back king Russian, and are now in the bottom of the hill, can see the mountains clearly behind the rope printing, and release the footprints of honour all around. The 8 th century, the red DE ZuZan praise general, India's famous buddhist masters mulberry "samba to the bottom of the hill, the mountain was practice, India buddhist masters of darfur Myra because suffer from chronic illness to the bottom of the hill, practice mountain, the results back to recover, born in master lotus mountain is a sacred practice. According to legend, atisha according to the top of the mountain pass the mountain ocean's the sound of the bells LeiGu tell time, it is said that a blessing for people still can hear the sound of ebony board knock. Especially MiLaRiBa did to practice mountain, and with benzene christians, if the story of unadulterated rush Joan win, more holy by the mysterious veil, increased the sacredness. Later into being so far for pie and Lord gong xiangbagaju parties of the main practice the holy land, have millions of being sent in this practice for monks, built many temples, leave rich and colorful religious sites and praise of the mountain poetry. Therefore, Chinese and foreign prowess especially Tibetan buddhists, will be the bottom of the hill, the mountain as "mountain" to worship.
The bottom of the hill, the Hindu holy as big of brahman in tin, here he and spouse of the Himalayan female the eternal revision. India's shiva temple, Hindi called keira knightley matchup, its building structure resembles the Vatican, mountain. In addition, many of the Hindu temple in the bottom of the hill, the mountain as prototype construction. By a sex leaper influence, the Hindu Vatican, compared with the male reproductive, they think that the so-called nie, is to use sex to complete. In the Hindu puranas also think the mountain god, hill is cut the kingdom of rule, the eight peaks around the god of wealth is the treasure house. Jainism to the bottom of the hill, the mountain as a spiritual holy mountain. Jainism is a purpose with compassion for the religious, produce s early in Buddhism. It is said that, in the buddhist before an already appear naked as 25, first the father called "song but", the last name "cultivates into mahath micro", he is and Buddha sakyamuni contemporaries. Many of its creed all and Buddhism has in-laws relationship, and claims that the world is suffering, people should take off the water become Buddha theory of stern. Jainism first emiment teacher "song but" was in the bottom of the hill, austerity, obey the law, in the bottom of the hill after, I and the god before "mulberry" XuChi "become Buddha. This YanShanZai Hindi said ", was white ha ", meaning "eight layer of rock bed". 20 and all the attendants electricity emiment teacher in the ascetic become Buddha. In short, jainism think the holy hill, is the liberation of holy land, still in in succession jainism believers worship mountain.
The bottom of the hill, the han originated in the zone, to the worship of mountain has a long history. Benzene christians think day like a top eight white picture ", like a open eight lotus, the bottom of the hill, like the mountain carries an umbrella handle and lotus roots, it is in the center of the world, is the god of the land in zion, is god of heaven come down to earth and ladder, it has the function of rope connection heaven and earth. Bon religion XinRao meters and the father of the avatar will come from here. There are 360 gods lived in the han the mountain. This mountain is also compared to a great stone jinta, or be for all kinds of Yin and Yang of god imagine camp, it has four doors, namely han DeMen, humen, turtle beetles door, red bird door or qinglong gates, they were stationed at 4



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