lhasa-ALi-XinJiang journey


Reference kilometers (2743 km) : Lhasa-337 km-xigaze-157 km--he--293 km-gaza [u-145 km and 334 km-still-and-331-u km-the spring river-87 km-th soil-143 km-sodom ping-177 km-JieShan Osaka-110 km-sea-or 339 km-hemp firm Osaka-83 km-library to Osaka-88 km-at-69 km-phosphatide gaza

D1: Lhasa/YangZhuoYongHu/jomzi (a sacred, KaRe pull glaciers, white occupies temple of stupa. Lodge hostel)

D2: jomzi/xigaze (study tour, SuShengKang hotel or other hostel)

D3: xigaze/the drawee (lodge to the frontier inspection station hostel)

The D4: climbing Everest base camp where / / (visit flannelette temple, appreciate the sunrise, the sunset Everest. Lodge flannelette temple hostel)

D5: Everest/old the drawee (lodge hostel)

D6: the drawee/peja is old wrong/SaGa (ornamental glaciers along the way, yaks group. SaGa lodge government hostel)

D7: SaGa/still ba/palmer sheep (ornamental desert grassland, pastoral areas along the scenery, lodge hostel)

D8: palmer sheep/the sacred and yongzheng wrong (can be in the hot spring bath, a sacred sacred edge camping)

D9 is: the sacred and yongzheng wrong/DE plus DE / / families (ornamental pond honk of international market, DE Berlin a temple site, families and temple, the maurya dynasty grotto. SuPuLan armed forces department hostel)

D10: pull the lake DE/ghost and god's fault/tm (tm SuGang together hotel)

D11: and god's tm (according to actual climate to decide whether to turn on foot mountain)

D13: mountain/that wood add/firm of county town. (lodge firm of armed forces department hostel or other hostel)

D14: the zhanda (visit TuoLinSi guge kingdom. Lodge site, the zhanda hostel)

D15: the zhanda/lion spring river (a good rest up, ready to return)

D16: the zhanda/lion spring river (hard trip over, all to enjoy a wonderful meal, take a good bath, a good rest, ready to xinjiang march)

D17: the spring river/class and wrong/sodom (class and beautiful scenery of the wrong, night sodom depots or hostel)

D18: sodom/JieShan Osaka/big GongLiuTan. GongLiuTan lodge depots.

D19: big GongLiuTan/linen firm/phosphatide. (XinCangXian climb on several famous Osaka, ascend the kunlun mountains of very forceful way scene infinite grand.)

D20: phosphatide/English auspicious sand/kashgar (along the way and watch the charming scenery in xinjiang, and strong national customs, taste the fruit, too many things to see lies can also buy prestigious British auspicious sand, the knife can have a dinner party, to a meal to bake complete sheep!)

Ali forms

【 SaGa 】 SaGa county is ali on a downtown essential goods relay stations, also be a place hubs. From here to the east, Lhasa to xigaze and other major cities, to the holy land to the west is god-and all tm, south of the western xia MaFeng reserves, and direct the china-nepal border. So SaGa is the only place many travel team.

【 still ba 】 the Tibetan language meaning "yak haunt of the", be located in highland YaHanDai semiarid areas, dry climate, large sand. From SaGa to secondary and the road between because attended the maintenance, so a good road conditions. Because most of the residents have now moved to new and still, and stay in the road of the old new hidden and still has less popularity, only some past stranger facilities.

【 palmer sheep 】 old still and pat to sheep on either side of a highway between desertification is very serious, the vehicles will get into ShaWo carelessly, the vehicles are a serious threat. Palmer sheep is a rich flavor of the grassland in western town, distant is a neat arrangement sand dunes, in the snow and the blue sky sfumato spectacular.

【 hall 】 palmer sheep to hall of more than road between silt, swamps, flood and numerous streams, the terrain is extremely complex, the poor road conditions, belong to the most difficult in ali walking a long way. In about an hour drive from the hall where there is a male bead cuo lake, the lake wetland has haunted the wild animals.

【 ba ga 】 from ba ga again to the west is the sacred and yongzheng wrong, by many religious called the holy land and god is also located in ba ga tm's northern not far away.

【 DE 】 in India and Nepal border, Tibet is one of three border famous port. Due to the influence of the moist air from Bengal, formed DE warm, rich in unique climate conditions rainfall, became one of the few DE ali good for farming areas, and have "ali granary," said.

The firm of 】 in here you can see the unique unique landscape-" firm of soil forest ", in like spring valley lined up on both sides of the Taiwan straits rows of majestic mountain soil. Another famous Tibet guge dynasty settlements are from here not far away.

Ali uptown

【 22 attended 】 this is a highway maintenance class outfit, not far from the north and south of the two line is ali crossing points. Because after private contractors attended 22 is the maintenance team in maintenance, so poor road conditions.

【 cuo frequently 】 the Tibetan language meaning "great lakes", that is, east of the "firm day south wood cuo". Here the hard conditions, generally for vehicles in the only eat rest, rarely stay.

The change is 】 from cuo to change frequently, along the way, big group of wild roe and visible. Change is uptown larger county, facilities, and the past the team to the average all stay.

The leather auspicious 】 from the change is to leather ji road along pretty good, can keep the faster the speed of the car. At most into the general leather springs of the supplements standing before the river, and few people in.

【 junggar 】 also says the spring river, Tibetan meaning "tents, barracks". Here is ali area area is located, is located in the spring river, is an important transportation hub in ali and border trade center. Ali the two lines in this one again to xinjiang.

【 th soil 】, the most representative of the soil is rock paintings, in its distribution is more than ten place near the rock paintings points. In the county, about 10 kilometers to the soil, near Kashmir border is class concerning the male lake, Tibetan meaning "fairy goose long lake". The lake island is numerous, perched over twenty kinds of water birds on the island.

【 JieShan Osaka 】 this is the XinCangXian ShengSiGuan, altitude has reached the limits of life more than 6000 meters, and, after a here we arrive at xinjiang China



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