Lhasa New Year


It in the Lhasa area in and around is given priority to, also is the most representative. Years ago every family must prepare the New Year's day everything they need supplies, such as cultivating barley seedlings, for quarter to Buddha for the above two ark before, it said I wish the meaning of the grain harvest in the coming year. With their trades and flour Fried "card" "(oil fruit). Each must prepare a made from wood, outside draw has all sorts of decorative pattern design of "cut and" of corn measures, in a half baked with barley, with half ZanBa and ginseng fruits, above in colorful barley grain, adorn a few small ghee piece, on "the son bead", "the son bead" is in the strip shape on board with downwards ghee make it all sorts of flowers and pattern. It is said that it is from this teach customs. Before the families are to cleaning, ready for all kinds of festival food and application of the items. The Tibetan December 20, the people ZaoFang sweeps in clean, and in the flour is on the wall on the draw "eight lucky figure" (treasure umbrella, goldfish, vase, lotus flower, dextral conch, auspicious ", a victory, jinlun) auspicious symbol of family. The gate with lime, white paint, ZanBa picture auspicious "YongZhong", "YongZhong" from this teaching, some painting too 517, moon, some painting naked barley ear, ZaoFang in the beam, with white paint a lot of points, said master the New Year auspicious sign. In the evening, no matter size family to do "vomit a ba (MianGeDa), MianGeDa place and all kinds of things, like wool, chili, charcoal, peas, peach doing, ceramics, etc. The whole family his position in order to sit, began to eat "vomit a ba (cooked MianGeDa), when to eat the said material. Sometimes cause laugh, for holiday added happy atmosphere.
Finished vomit and later, send ghost ceremony will be held, ceremony is very grand. The barley stem, bind them in a a, after lighting in the room around. Then take it to the crossing, and on the crossing, said the spirits. CangLiNian 7 in the morning, the past custom, this day up is the first thing to the well, the river to the first bucket of water on the back (lucky water), now basically no back water Lhasa a custom early morning, people in the ZhuFuSheng rap artist fold honk open the door, folding door honk old man, said to the ancient times, war victory or hunting harvest celebration. First by a respectable old man said a word of praise. The custom laid down, become a kind of special rap art. That the people in Lhasa, in the fold of the old man's wish blessing sound honk in open the door, will bring the lucky and happy. Open the door then we congratulate each other between words, drink of barley wine, eat cereal "vomit a ba and cooking oil of ginseng fruits, but this is a day for family reunion, do not go out, don't sweep the floor, the custom of lunar New Year with the han nationality custom some similar. At the same time, the first morning, going to jokhang temple worship shakyamuni Buddha. Start from there, each other between the relatives and friends happy New Year. Get together drink of barley wine, eating "card" "and other food, full of section of El joy and laughter. 3 and 4 of the Lhasa to the roof JingFan in Tibetan and, after the plug, and to the top of the hill, the river etc to put to offering the god and water nymph. Offering the custom of the god, the water god from the teaching. CangLiNian from 7 to}. Five just calculate celebrate the New Year. And during this period, all the guests with a route into the door "zha-xi-de-le" (good luck mean), master return a '" zha-xi-de-le ", giving some hadad, then the Lord Zhi together in the guest, sit I pad, master the "cut" ", the guest came in ZanBa point to the air and surface, praying to god, and the earth god, etc, and then put people came point mouth. Then, master and carrying of barley wine, and the wine bowl, GangKe must three a cup of. If drink not over, hospitable host will entrust relatives and friends, QuanJiu sing songs, singing... over, guests will have to a gulp, said liu master's respect.



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