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As the most prosperous area of old city Lhasa, around the BaKuoJie of the jokhang temple, have many interesting place. Don't say each to Lhasa will go maggie tourists ahmed, also don't say street filled up with full of amorous feelings of the Tibetan handicrafts, just on BaKuoJie gridlocked alleys, is the hidden count not charming. Ancient tradition of handicraft of home, also have say a name of small temple, and full of flavor in zang amorous feelings hidden restaurant, but also attracted every visitors in these HangBai in LanSheng secluded spot. Today, we will introduce a place to hide in the HangBai unusual food small courtyard, lyres and-DE!

Boxer's, and, in the language of Nepal for "hello" mean, as literal indicates, the place hidden in BaKuoJie a victory on the small courtyard of name, was filled with a peace and softhearted atmosphere, even the air, also have a kind of lazy taste.

This is a Nepal amorous feelings to restaurants, is located in Lhasa, the movie stores and a boxer's restaurant outlet. Nothing different is, head office throughout the year, guests are full, and extremely busy, and hide in the small alleys of the branch with the arrival of the tourist season often and prosperous, to the customer off-season shattered. But in here, but can be experienced in Lhasa a kind of carefree and slow, is for a place to sit friends to chat, appreciates the quiet place.

Manasseh's restaurant, Joseph from at the beginning of the established until now, the business models and other restaurant has the obvious difference. The boss from Katmandu, Nepal and strong in Lhasa met now wife sanjay, the couple in 2006 created the Nepal amorous feelings restaurant. Just a few short years time, manasseh's harp, and from the obscure, today has become a famous Lhasa catering sector hallmarks of. And BaKuoJie of the deep enterprise, is strong and Zanzibar and accompany them to living together, the rain and wind and restaurant attendants-tashi's harp of an expensive gift.

Known as manasseh's people's harp introduces to the reporter, strong, and sanjay's first run of manasseh's harp when encountered many difficulties, it is time to keep keeping once point, even on a $400 employee wages are not sent out, but they had everything with them, past the harp, and the most difficult stage, and finally only then could have the result today. And the hidden in the BaKuoJie lane, branch that is both the husband and wife to the waiter express gratitude, and also their commitment to everyone present.

September 18, 2008. The boxer's, and a place in BaKuoJie restaurant opened in the ancient building protection compound. Reviewing the past, initial manasseh's ManDaManSuan branch, Joseph also only five staff: a chef and 4 a waiter. Despite dissimilar to the business is thriving, fame in the outside, but because of the branch position too concealed twists and turns, and at that time the Lhasa tourist season are receding, walk the route of Joseph, manasseh tourists, business enterprise responded with a not only have no linfe, but very pale. From 2008 to 2010 at the end of April, the business has been struggling enterprise in ShengSiXian until early May 2010 the second chefs join branch store it gradually in their spring.

In BaKuoJie of manasseh's harp on the German stores and nothing has the very big difference here, more like an open palace garden, a front door into, is a place of courtyard square, the courts grass surplus yard, and flowers full court, a its maturity, quiet and tastefully laid out and leisurely and comfortable. In addition to the Nepal meal, it is business of an authentic Indian meal, western and Chinese food. Here, you can often see the gentleman from abroad of all the foreign language sit chat, the side of him was a probably a Tibetan old amah; And the visitors may carry SLR cameras with a JingQiang worried, and said with a sichuan dialect of passengers I quite agree to idle kan. The flowers in the garden of his lingering, you drink a pot of Nepal sweet tea, enjoying the Lhasa intoxicated most of the "slow" life!

Manasseh's restaurant, Joseph business Nepal meal, India meal, western and Chinese food, so the choice of food more. Among them, Nepal and India eat meal recommended India chicken Fried rice, chicken buried in the rice, rice covered eggs, intermediate clip with raisins, rich Indian spice aftertaste. And the food of curry do are in place, such as curry beef potatoes, sauce spicy notes is very strong. Other and tomatoes bone soup, hot-sour soup do great. In particular here from Nepal rice, taste good.



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