paxiongreba festival


Palmer male is a CunMing, it is located within the territory of BoMiXian pat long CangBuHe QuZong CangBuHe source of the east coast, about 60 kilometers away from BoMi county. The village is only 30 homes, more than 280 of the small village, but it does have a local in a well-known folk traditional festival is the veil "hot," section.

"Hot," Tibetan literal meaning "wear cloth," here refers to the Tibetan folk traditional dance inspired the bell. This is a deeply the Tibetan people's favorite Tibetan ancient art of one of the form.

Palmer male hot and festival has a long history, the old people say, this festival originated in Tibetan Buddhism for being sent MiLaRiBa disciple, and its master and Joan period, it has 800 years of history.

Palmer, the hot section is zhuang pot jump give priority to, mingled with the religious activities and scale more and more large exchange of goods, time is generally the 25 th November 10.

Palmer, the hot day, while just a remote village festival, but it also has an extremely strict procedures.

When the winter sun dyed the village, the representative of the families a adult male, beautiful festival, took elaborate dress up, ready for the weaving of the beloved mount, came to the village head burned incense and sacrifices MiLaRiBa activities. The people brought from home a a and spices to the big censer, then add the cedar YeXun smoke, mouth 1 vigorously in a prayer, Shouting from time to time wish "wish the good crop weather, for the grain and make it plentiful!" , "wish world peace, eliminate disaster disease!" Later, then turn over one horse, clockwise direction a circle around the village. The pounding "of the", raise stood slip away. "The opening ceremony" mysterious and full of old solemn, not only such, this or a time than horses, harness, show the opportunity to show their clothes.

Men horse race turned a circle village, after the whole village together families enjoy housewife prepared delicious lunch, mutual respect and wine, food, family, and a byword, world village. Here, people increase the feelings, deepen the understanding, the women exchanges cooking skill, also secretly comparing who trade better.

In the afternoon, hot and quarter in the substantial stage, the show is about to begin.

Hot ba, namely the bell encouraging, it is popular in the eastern Tibet changdu area and textile, yunnan and sichuan Tibetan areas of a bell curve, miscellaneous inspired by folk songs and dances, three main part of an integrated performance art. It is a song into dance into history, has hundreds of years, thanks to dozens of generations of art and keen on hot folk artists, is their efforts to make this a welcome by the masses of art form from generation to generation, better and better, the hot and including recitation, singing and dancing, crosstalk, dance theatre, acrobatics, etc. Jump and hot, cannot leave the man also without women, men hold rang the bell, women hold long handle drum, with bright drums and sound of the ring, artists and bold and unrestrained dance with language, build the warm and scenes, a blood boiling, excited, itch to try. Jump start and heat, first by a few men read "epic" or "white". "White" Tibetan means hyperbole about, it is the exaggerated gimmick sing praise to the hills and streams of hometown, sing praise to ancestors and good good, and at the same time, in the form of sarcasm and intonation of bad bad thing expose and criticize. The language of the performers of simplicity, image, humor, the audience laugh more than the lingering. A relaxed yet profound implications after opening, the warm happy dance began.

Jump hot and difficult, and diverse dance, to the audience in a graceful, happy, and exciting feeling. Women with a long handle drum, with a similar "?" On the shape of the drum, dance moves large extent, dancing variety, a drum, tambourine and points at 3 o 'clock, six drum drum, nine drums, and click nine drums, and other forms. Male dance steps is varied, have yak jump around dance, fairy picked flowers XiaoBuWu stride, monk wave bead rotating dance, the male deer lay the body BengZi dance, dance...... rocky dapeng spin , the acting is concerned, a single leg dance, dance, double bottle and squat down arms rolling dance, double sword yi clip and dance etc. Dancing to a climax, with women of dancing with men rattles, actors perform every skilled, very difficult action, the scene is very warm.

"Card summer" namely xiangsheng, is hot and dance when indispensable thrust deep into the program. This is to let the dancers can get off and let the audience can enjoy various art form. Card of the summer to debate a variety of ways: a man and a woman, male right male, to a man and two women, more women to a male right; Its content is quite widespread, with the appearance and daily life are doing as the main line, sarcasm way, mainly aiming at bad behavior and a, a personal as make criticism and exposed. This is a face a play program, all by actor at ordinary times the observation and eloquence, and don't have a lot of logic and consistency. But it can make a warm atmosphere, people of laughter, tears turbulence. This is the veil, one of the characteristics of heat. Several times after an ebb and flow of zhuang pot, heat and play and go on stage.

Hot and play a comedy sketch of equivalent to now, the subject matter more widely, religion, history for content, there are also reflect the reality of life. "Honk the cut," that is BaiPan face and concave nose, is the subject of the family and marriage, and the performance of working people and reap, and plant seeds, and play back water, oil, herding the cows scenes from the life, etc.

Zhuang pot after the play, man pull up homemade erhu, women waved color sleeve, common jump "hot order".

It means that the heat from bashan close quarter.

Hot harmonic i.e. thermal and XianZi dance, is by the erhu accompaniment, actors and actresses a circle of singing and dance group dancing, the lyrics have inherited the old words, also have a new improvisation. In the beautiful melody of the sound of a musical dance music, dancing slim and graceful dance. Singing with Pope song CangBuHe waves the prayer and auspicious, walked down the mulberry flower and village, into the sky mountain.



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