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From the nu river, lancang river, Yangtze river valley to reduce north grassland hole that ali plateau, form _ a epic gesar with. The people here still sing about king gesar epic hero, the half man, half god type of heroes is still foot the Tibetan people's part of life.
Gesar hero in Tibet is legend, grassland HangYin artists through the beautiful moving tune orders of the story of his anxiety of sufferings and terrible grandeur of the meritorious military service, sing of the 30 yong around him will and 13 a beautiful princess; Sing with the competition of his brave and voldemort off the hand. Some say on gesar person, someone said he is the first century of the incarnation of fellow horn, and some say he was simply a fictional character, but, don't tube is how he's tibetans heroism and idealism crystallization. The epic formed in 11 to 13 th century, in Tibet plateau cassettes for seven thousand eight hundred years. Now I to introduce the Tibetan monumental work the king gesar, ". The king gesar, "background of times for 1 l century before and after, at that time, the tubo regime collapse, size clan tribal line-up, that constantly. And the surrounding nations forces everywhere, a chaotic situation of heroes. Epic gesar says for the son of god, was born in heaven should hit the "hill" (in changdu area) countries royal family. The youth gesar more than life disaster, looks ugly, funny, with its banished roaming the mother of wilderness and hard growth. It was also repeatedly asked the uncle sway with persecution. However, have to somehow the awareness of protection power such as not only avoid the various disasters, also in exile process has drop the ability of evil. Later, in an important ridge countries in the horse racing, "such as the god with help, to win the second after for the king. Into the awareness of the queen as restored the abundance of god jun lang colony, and married a beauty bead pastoral for his wife. From then on he just had the title of gesar, with many heroes of the model, the hero of the brilliant gesar chapter began from then on. The king gesar, "main chapter, department has" the day the descendants ridge h ", "the hero was born", "the horse racing reigns", "the north to drop the", "HuoLing war", "JiangLing war", "door ridge wars, the great food money Pope", "jie, coral Pope", "card of deed of", "snow mountain crystal Pope", "the pavilion case iron Pope", "loose and PianNiu Pope", "white
Hot sheep Pope ", "han tea Pope", "XiangXiong pearl Pope", "helle ancient mule Pope", "wish ancient weapon Pope", "ridge and the", "hell saves mother", "three world stability", and so on. "Pope" Tibetan original intention is "a castle," can be understood as "country". "I gesar biography of folk to two kinds of forms in the flow, one is the oral rap form. One is the codex, had form. ShiTao describes the most, rendering the most fantastic empathetic, water is how historical have conquered, destroy evil (ZhuBang nearby the tyrant), putting down the strife and punish WaiDao, bringing honor to the buddhist doctrine, and obtain the Tibetan people's life for the various items, ultimately ensure the plateau sentient beings live happiness. The epic gesar finish in the water world after mission, and broke into hell, save their mother and my precious, and return to the kingdom for earth.
In Tibetan affairs, especially CangDong valley and northern Tibet grassland, every place has a broke the door of the HangYin gesar rap artists, they are called "still Ken", it is the art of the local and respect. On the traditional festival, horse racing, wedding, and festive baptism, even pasture leisure season, want to please "still willing" to sing. Epic space extremely long, rap a often continue few days and nights. The ask, you hear unaware of ecstasy, with low moans sing, few people left midway.
These gesar epic of the singer, great majority is... The illiteracy could not read at all, but they can do even tens of hundreds of thousands of line epic knew by heart, and should be the requirements of the audience as running water, such as the wonderful singing out, and help to expressions and gestures, make the audience RuZuiRuChi, as if the body in its environment. This kind of skill can't make the person feel novel, surprised, even shocking. If you ask them, and they will tell you, and insufficient his what genius or special memory, but because of king gesar fights or their princess in them. Those containing and movement is in a coma natural under their "flow" out of, or wu female drop with wizard god r points approximation. Tibet's most famous singer karzai and the old man in 986 when passing 】, already recording the king gesar, "34 department, about 6 million words. Karzai and the old man claiming to be the most famous general under gesar manasseh Dan). Nearly 40 years of jade mei, rap number has more than firm and the old man, she is considered to be the king gesar o's soul adr induced, just have such a photographic memory.
Naqu horse racing festival is also called "just green" horse racing festival, is the largest in northern racing a event. "Just green" the Tibetan language for the summer vision of the name, it originated in the qiang, the four books



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