Tibet ali "ancient zhang zhung civilization" four big mystery


 Have ", the roof of the roof of the world, "said the Tibet ali region, is the qianshan mountain, river, the source of the mysterious ancient zhang zhung civilization appeared in this. Why once in one zhang zhung dynasty recorded in the history records little? Zhang zhung dynasty capital, where he is today? Zhang zhung and "the ancient silk road" what is the relationship? What mark flourished zhang zhung civilization left?

1, why zhang zhung official historical "annals"

"Zhang zhung" is an ancient zhang zhung vocabulary, "like" is the ancient tribal clan name, "male" by local or valley. According to a small amount of Chinese and Tibetan classics records, zhang zhung kingdom of at least 3800 years ago began to form, its height in front of the 7th century. In the 7th century, YaLong tribes gradually established a powerful tubo dynasty, zhang zhung began to decline. Sontzen gampo in around 644 AD will zhang zhung into the tubo dynasty territory, so zhang zhung withdrew from the historical stage.

Once-thriving zhang zhung dynasty had a relatively advanced civilization, but why the historical data recorded on the rare? At present, Chinese history, "sui book biography of the western regions, there are a few records:" female "(zhang zhung) had six years to that of emperor sui wendi afford to tributary of han, just" behind then off..." Some scholars analysis, located in the west of the qinghai-tibet plateau, the ancient zhang zhung controlled by geographical environment and a long way, with the central plains han dynasty zhang zhung communication is very difficult, this is Chinese texts to zhang zhung records little direct cause. China tibetology research center researcher at the institute of religion that mt analysis said, starting in the 7th century, tubo expansion, the qinghai-tibet plateau is the independent regime in the true sense of political ties with central Asian history, this is likely to be zhang zhung dynasty official historical data are important reasons.


2, where the ancient zhang zhung dynasty capital

According to legend, zhang zhung capital is a silvery white castle, so called "silver city" dome. Annihilation in the "silver city" vault in the dust of history, its location is also the focus of academic debate.

Academia mainly has two versions, one for Tibet ali in Zagreb daxian QuLong village west QuLong silver city ruins, secondly, ali region representative county door romantic.

In 2004, the department of sichuan university archaeology and administration bureau of the Tibet autonomous region in this region representative county door romantic a place called ali dome, where the guru Karl discovered the ruins of an ancient city, according to research, the place is extremely likely legend zhang zhung ancient capital dome silver city.

Institute of sichuan university, China tibetology, according to professor Li Yongxian archaeological work found that "vault silver city ruins" has a group of tombs scale, residential building, religious worship, production tools, such as heritage, here used to be a social organization stability, concentration of power, economic production has self-regulation of tribal group is located.

"Of course, finally confirm the site is the capital of the kingdom of zhang zhung, also need to pay more efforts in the next step of research." Li Yongxian said.

3, zhang zhung: the ancient silk road station "cross"

Many people think, vast territory and is located in the traffic main artery of the ancient zhang zhung, "interaction of cross station ancient civilization". Seemingly isolated on the Tibetan plateau, in ancient times is not a completely closed area, with the central Asia, west Asia, South Asia and other regions have had exchanges, the particularity of geographic location, made zhang zhung become the congenital advantage of the ancient silk road station.

Even though the historical records of zhang zhung less, but that doesn't mean that the zhang zhung is not connected with neighboring countries. Got too analysis, in the history of tubo fairly active trade in food of musk, zhang zhung as the contact between Chinese and western "crossroads", close trade with the neighboring countries of possibility is very large.

4, "zhang zhung imprinting" geometry of Tibetan civilization

Zhang zhung person's religion, and deeply influenced all aspects of the tubo and later Tibetan society.

According to historical records, in zhang zhung ten eight times, "around the honourable, on the Kings of the terrible..." Thus it can be seen that the social status of the kingdom of bon religion in zhang zhung.

"Bon obviously influence on later Tibetan religious life." Said that too, folk culture of beliefs are widespread fire and light, today throughout the entire Tibetan simmer phenomenon is a kind of fire puja, it's hard to judge it and folk history without any relationship.

"Dome's is a very special in the history of bon clan, it throughout the history of several thousand years, always with the development history of bon religion itself; it throughout Tibetan areas, it is hard to find a place without dome's descendants, it is also zhang zhung culture of folk culture in the east to a direct result." Said that too.

In addition, according to that too, Tibetan customs and way of life today, there are many is also zhang zhung lasted era, such as mountain, worship lake, the wind Ma Qi, colorful pastels, carved stone scripture, place the mani pile, DaGua, fortune-telling, have bon relique shadow.

Hidden text investigate its origin is not open around zhang zhung civilization. Tibetan originated from zhang zhung, some experts believe that the sontzen gampo sent his secretary swallow maysan cloth tied to create Tibetan, most can only be called zhang zhung improved text.



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