Tibet festival origin


Compared with the peoples of the world, not only quantity, Tibet festival connotation is rich, and has a long history, extremely vitality and vigor. So, the festival is how to development?

A, ancient festival matrix

As complex as the festival of folklore, the source of the culture in the most often precipitate culture deep, deep culture and the matrix in contemporary culture always appeared repeatedly, the folk become the key to the survival and development of core, is also reflect the value of the prototype of a factor folk. Therefore, search for the source of the Tibetan festival pulse is necessary to a matrix of old Tibet festival a survey.

Tibet festival all-embracing, as soon as political, economic, production, life, religion, culture, art, etc with among them, the surface looks, Tibet festival complex, but if dial the to surface fog, Tibet is the development of the festival to follow certain rules, it deals with the main culture matrix has three:

Religious complex

Live in snow area plateau in the bad environment Tibetan ancestors, self strength in a weak, you think "natural force is some kind of alien, mysterious, beyond all things", to a certain stage, they use the personification of methods to assimilation natural force, it is this the personification of desire, and create a lot of god. The ancestors of Tibet in the original "mysterious mutual permeability" thinking domination, creating such as god of the hills, lakes, sheep, the dragon Lord god god gods, etc. To curry favor with the gods and be grateful for them give the requisite of the life, the Tibetan people to sacrifice their various ways. Year after year, primitive belief in modem festival similar to produce. To the han period, though the primitive religion of human greatly enhanced, the divine weakened gradually, but strong religious spirit is still in the festival culture.

The seventh century, from India, Nepal, han to the Tibetan people to outland Buddhism, Tibetan ideological circle to bring new weather. The current of thought get when the government's advocate, by the favour of people soon, which strongly impact the Tibetan local culture, and the development of Tibetan festival provides a good cultural environment, and a kind of new holiday--the Buddhism in snow area appear on the holiday. To 11 century later, with the rapid development of Tibetan Buddhism, for the style of large-scale temple stronghold and regularized temple temple fair constantly emerging, it marked the Tibetan religious festival culture tend to mature and perfect.

Tibet from primitive belief festival era began, through the original religion, folk and Tibetan buddhist mutual adjustment, the integration of the complex process, until today, its revealed religions spirit and not consciously to point to consciously, the protruding shows natural spirit to make public individual character humanities, to meet the people of Tibet desire. Therefore, the adjustment function has always been a religious festival of internal driving force development in Tibet.

Farming activities

Life in the long river valley in the center of the ancestors for Tibet, its main economic activity is agricultural collection and agricultural production, so farming folk accounted for Tibet considerable proportion of primitive civilization. So, the long-term by farming experience defined seasonal, regional strong farming milestone-farming in Tibet farming folk festival is produced in the soil.

The Tibetan people's wish the harvest of social activities.we have our, widely popular in Lhasa and xigaze, south, nyingchi, etc. During the social activities.we have our, the village village parade around the villagers around cropland. In the reign of the han, the wizard hand raise hadad the han and sheep right leg, meaning "close to enrage", be harvest, followed by hand and barley grain farmers, orbiting later, will valley (m) inserted in a barn or ear for god in the emperor, said this year for a good harvest. Predictably, the main social activities.we have our sacrifice and the farming is closely related to the land of god.

Inheritance up to now Tibet farming holiday, there are quite a part of the original color keep faith. In Tibet south forest of the rural, the masses to worship god, god, god of the hills, god of harvest, hunt of god, etc. This place of agricultural production festival and two times a year, one in the planting crops, a time in the harvest, but not the date fixed, mainly based on the field of time determined farming sacrifice date. And as NianChuHe river basin, people, mainly by NianChuHe farming irrigation water, and NianChuHe originated in the Himalayas, north of blunt lake, mulberry WangHu, such as BaiHu lakes, so each year before the spring sowing, each village to hold a offering lake activities. Offering lakes, and became the NianChuHe valley farming festival.

Mate for education

In HongMeng period of the ancestors of Tibet and the life condition is very bad, the population is surprisingly high mortality rate, accordingly, of the population reproduction than the other national proliferation much more difficult. In order to find the conveyance of reality, a lot of education for reproductive custom arises at the historic moment. On this basis, the scale of the festival for education and for the related education or festivals become the important content of the Tibetan festival performance.

Every year from April 14 to CaiHuaJie, each will send a man and a woman to attend. Went up into the mountain, their relatives with daughter, no kid, no loud, afraid frightened the mountain god. To reach the top, sacrifice unto the god of the hills and ancestors. The second day, young men and women began to sing gathering flowers, looking for a partner. Be village, the young woman symbol will increase the number of "flower" blessed to have no children of the door. The person is childless homes, will have a "the flower" ceremony. Take the first flower people behind the closed doors, invite leave the village and adopt the return of girl duet partition door, and especially reward flower pickers.

Then, with flowers to the village of the dam, female dance NanGe, began to "flowers", this time the men and women enjoy sings. Po valley to spend with Tibetan without children in the house of Kilimanjaro son, which is designed for blessing many children. This not only because flowers from the patriarch totem in there to come, and flowers are seed, results, to bear the symbol of reproduction.

And for education related Tibet spouse festival, is the Tibetan people to pray for "own viable, birth exuberant performance, so this kind of festival is full of youth and cheerful atmosphere of the rhythm.

Second, the primitive belief Tibet festival

"All things have spirit" and "god worship" as the core of the primitive belief, involved in dealing with primitive cliff-paintings life of all things, of these things, primitive cliff-paintings take personification of tactics, give them "superman power" and a strong spiritual, and through the ritual activities, year after year for worship on them, thus



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