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Dear visitors, today we came to the zhanda ali near the county TuoLinSi. TuoLinSi and the history of guge relevant. Now we came to speak about this period of history and legends. It is reported that 10 th century, already became a monk's means of king west walter (formerly known as broadly hot, went after learning from the west's name means, the throne will transfer the younger brother, real still hegemony, and future generations habits, called the still king), to please atisha master to ali missionary work, will make a temple. For sure the temple address, king of guge consult atisha, atisha sent a disciple to ali. It is said that the disciple will knock sharpness of cymbals skulls qing hammer to air throwing, hammer dropped the place is the TuoLinSi temple site. And hammer the sound of be born "" d" is the name of the LinYuan "in" "d", is year long happen to sound. "Give" for a "high" meaning, "d" for "fly
Xiang "meaning, TuoLinSi that fly temple, can also explain for" hovered in the air temple ". TuoLinSi is the 996 by WangYiXi walter proponents guge built, as the buddhist monks, reduce guge after famous translation of hong ShiRenQin ba.songbu the translation of destruction places. L. in 036, and its beneficial west's brother guge strong quwu in ancient times to meet please atisha Tibet did, in the TuoLinSi tin vow "f =;. Hong dharma preached., the disciple ZongKaBa guge · the flourishing and firm to a significant reconstruction adistinctive landmark in. Tibetan buddhist monks of the period after hong many have left in this footprint.
You may have to pay the mural guge atisha and RenQin ba.songbu portrait. In 1036, served as India that lousy tuo temple, super rock the first temple monks atisha after 10 years of turbulence, came to the ali has nearly 60 years old. Atisha came to ali in tin TuoLinSi, accounts for the translation by grid ShiRenQin ba.songbu as translation by the wide translation. During the process, atisha written famous buddhist work the bodhi road lamp theory "and" the secret unreal mirror interpretation ". , three years later, atisha set off with India to the on the way, in DuiBa still meet by monks plank to Tibet to carry forward the hinterland of the dharma, died, the nie pond exurb in Lhasa. In 1076, in TuoLinSi guge religious held a memorial atisha died method will guard, and xikang areas of the Tibetan monks the trek to attend, the history said that "the dragon years will supreme", became the Tibetan buddhist things. Atisha masters of the universe in tin and dragon years will be convened, make TuoLinSi famous all over the Tibet, Tibet as the famous monasteries in the middle ages.
The next RenQin introduced is ba.songbu, he is after the beginning of Tibetan Buddhism the famous big translation dong division, was born in the NingWang guge, the place, 13 years old from jehiel mulberry becomes monk, 17, were sent to Kashmir, guge royal study in India, go abroad before and after three times, lasted for more than 10 years. According to legend, he once successively with 75 a class of wisdom research method, come back invited many monks guge to India, and cooperate with them the translation. He translated the show teach 17 of the classical theory, and the county, close to teach have dated trow's 108 department, including "intensive", "LongShuHe Buddha wisdom two release", "taken by the real", "or hidden kei igawa the release of secret of important price. Tibetan which records, RenQin ba.songbu to improve and buddhist tantra to the combination of theory height, thus says he and other translation after division of the secret book for "XinMi teaching", but called earlier with the translation period spit secret book as "old secret".
The TuoLinSi interlaced is located in the henan province as the steep cliff springs shore of high a beginning such as mud on the highlands of waste. History, TuoLinSi to the construction and the dharma to carry forward, like a prairie fire of the spark, ali and spit to budding vast regions spread. TuoLinSi altitude 【) (】 meters, and Lhasa. The temperature of high almost suitable as springs valley is an ideal place for business agriculture, these natural conditions in ali only can be as good as the original. TuoLinSi plank in large scale, there are three main hall, a small house, although a lO later by different degree of the temple architecture damage, but in the rubble side still retains some of the yard and a good three a palace and a stupa. We first visit is RON baron is lacan, translation of Buddha temple, is to know times an altar. The earliest city type building, elegant shape, structure strange. Although palace has all the top not kept statue, murals, but also destroyed out keeping walls and four JiaoDa still can see the original early building structure and style. The middle temple square symbol, the small house XuMiShan around four most states, symbol of north and south on behalf of four major Kings stupa, the whole structure and Tibet hinterland of the famous has the different work with sea samy the wonderful. The difference is, TuoLinSi building small, and is located in the dense forest soil, and the canyon do not have a magnificent.
Center FangDian and four small temple composition center "and" small figure, the outer ring of 4 halls and 14 NBA small temple composition, dedicated Buddha, Buddha, tara, such as ocean's statue. The whole hall overall 53.5 meters long, wide 48 north and south 5 meters, basically retained the copy of a period of spit some features ", but also is changing. In the outer reaches of the south, north and west 3 hall hall all have turned around and by the complex way around a week, ZhongXinZu temple and the surrounding hall [soap formed between larger by the complex way, turn this is a kind of typical Turk shrive structure shape. It is said that period, is modeled on, and is on samy samy Indian flying temple as chief source, so called "" forest", is the wing will never fall of idea.
Now we entered is du kang, meaning rally temple, is TuoLinSi remaining 2 a complete one of the hall. It is in a "convex" glyph, the door to the east, hall area of 490 square meters, the woodwork, signage, auspicious day he carved, careless grain, clue grain, Ephraim decorative pattern, Ephraim disc lines, and where the ceiling painting of pattern is flying, lion, dragon, wind, peacock, lotus flower, grass, Capricorn fish, roll the frequency and the mausoleum, wishful clouds are dense ring, best, LengXing geometric lines; Mural has Buddha, Buddha, Buddha mother, tara, king kong, eminent monks greatness. XiBi upper east side a group of guge staff and the royal family to sit in a different row and prostrating seal, the nations such as people sitting or venrable set, the whole scene and character image, a cultural heritage city hall with several of guge same figure or for the Buddha figure had a lot in common; The east wall on both sides of the king kong is wonderful hostess figure 16 in the photo, the dancers or lift
Hand over the top, or placing his chest, on the short sleeve tights, the breasts exposed belly up little, drag ground long skirt, barefoot step dancing posture is lightsome, this kind of mural in Tibet other temples were rare.
We're in KangGa wave is pulled, rectangular in it, the woodwork, lintel vulture act the role ofing has honeysuckle roll grass



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