What guge kingdom capital commentaries site


What guge kingdom capital commentaries site
Dear visitors, today we visit is the most famous scenic spot in ali guge kingdom capital sites. ,
Before the visit, I give you simply introduce the historical origin of guge dynasty. The ninth century, had a strong tubo dynasty gradually decline, the ruler of the monks and secular group within the contradiction of the aristocrat group sharply escalate. Turk praise of last outing at a Turk perlong a destroyed Buddha destroy law policy, and to make the tubo into confusion, add to continuous natural disasters, at that time GuaiYuan everywhere, the heart of turbulence. Ronda and is assassinated, the political situation completely out of control. Ronda after the death of manasseh, and his two wives with the support of the tubo noble, in the throne happened in the race for the fierce. The two and WangSun melee for half a century, was a king of The Times SunJi DE nima after the defeat of dagon fled to ali. In order to survive habitat, nima gielgud dagon original place trust in ali forces to king tashi cloth soil praise. Tashi praise for gielgud nima have spit dagon as the royal noble lineage and he represents the heart of Tibet with higher civilization admiration of love, he will daughters to gielgud dagon and supports the nima for the king. In ali an ancient land, once existed more ancient XiangXiong civilization. From then on, XiangXiong tubo kingdom and the old kingdom in the veins of mixing together, XiangXiong kingdom in a matrix of the birth of new guge kingdom, the performance of the brilliant 700 straight part history.
Nima gielgud dagon had three sons, in his life, make r a big decision, packet three of his sons each account for a city: the firstborn, and occupy the mans field; the second, abinadab dagon's house what tied up cloth, and eliphelet dagon's fathers to occupy the XiangXiong, this is the history of the famous "ali 3 surround". Mans domain, and is located in the south of this Kashmir and later developed into the ladakh kingdom. Cloth let, located in ali XianJing plank, including northwestern part of Nepal, was later incorporated into guge. Fathers of dagon's the XiangXiong, namely guge kingdom, the most young prince, become the founding of the head of state of guge kingdom.
Guge kingdom from the founding that day, and confirmed the buddhists, advocating chung Buddha dharma as the base of this. On the one hand, from the time the tubo predominantly buddhist greatly missed, on the other hand, from ronda out since the Buddha and several hundred years, there have been some buddhist monks started at the health area and defend Tibetan buddhist wong hinterland, looking forward to Buddhism in Tibet resurgent. After a calendar of Robinson's generation and a teacher of the monks efforts, the development of guge kingdom, temple throughout the array of ali, noble monks an increasingly large group. What guge has become a have all of his subjects lO kingdom. Today TuoLinSi remaining large stupa around, the caverns, temple remains, it is that time of buddhist history portraiture. About the destruction of the Tibet guge dynasty there are two versions: a say in 1630 is ladakh monk's king south jie consume; One say is 1840 dead in India Douglas dynasty. Each said argued, and Tibetan history really happened in ali area two wars. According to the "ladakh dating history", said before more reliable. 16 th centaury, LiZuWeiWen arrived, for various sects, and strife, and divisions, ladakh king inside Tibet to the confusion of guge declare war, to get his revenge on his family guge king honor insult: king had refused and guge sister marriage. The war lasted 15 years, until the Portuguese missionaries bring Catholic cause a political internal opposition, monks that makes powerful guge devastated. However, alarming, the war unexpectedly is a civilization, solemn and stirring the last act. From the records on look, the war caused of killing and rob is not enough to destroy a civilization, but in fact, in addition to leave a ruin and a family dynasty table outside, almost what also did not leave, even the dynasty history of 700 years and no written records. A similar mayan civilization lost civilization a constant flow of phenomenon to appear. In today's site near, often
Can see this scene: more than ten families keep a available for thousands of people live in cities, and that more than ten homes and not guge seed. So on that day all the accounts for the, how to have disappeared into thin air? What has happened here of natural disasters or plague make prosperous civilization suddenly disappear completely? This is still a mystery now.
Now we see is the capital city of guge kingdom site, it is located in Zagreb pricked the cloth of daxian let two kilometers outside a high: 300 meters of loess hill, piedmont and ditch ended at lang qin hidden cloth. The site of the west and northwest edge is as high as: 200 meters of the cliffs, cliff into a dry river beds, and rely on the southern high steep beacon station, to the east of a wide sloping fields, slope under a little brook, and the hillside parallel one temple site, is said to be one of TuoLinSi subordinates temples.
What guge kingdom capital ruins, things 600 meters wide, long from south to about 12 () () m. People still can see the entrance of the former glory of case. Entire palace as the fort of build by laying bricks or stones, commanding, its location, the momentum of the magnificent towering; There were extensive tunnel, outside have solid walls, like steel walls, majestically. Site, covering an area of 720000 square meters and product, by 445 houses, 879 hole caves, 58 fort, four andao, 28 stupa etc. Hundreds of houses in mountain, layer upon layer of build by laying bricks or stones linked together, until the top of the mountain, constitute a the world's palace. Most of the palace is top of the vault caves, points of winter and Summer Palace. The site outside the walls of a bunker four corners. The good and the altar, GongKang city house, jing-tang, GongMiao, BaiMiao, samsara temple, ZhuoMa lacan, marnie sculpture wall. Both inside and outside the site, a large number of food crops, production equipment, clothing and accessories used for fighting armor and shields, and now relics, due to the cold dry, up to now intact. In the ruins of the hole found in many kiln countless mummified headless, have become a mummy. Here also found that the first time in the country BiZang baby girl corpse. It has three or four of the dead baby is intact shaers in the Tibet autonomous region in the museum.
Nearly a decade to ask what guge sites around the statue discovered constantly, sculpture, and mural to wait, is this mysterious dynasty to the wealth of the present. More for gold and silver guge sculpture buddhist images. Where is called the "guge silver eye"



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