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Located in naqu ShenZaXian color Lin around wrong, fangyuan 1400 square kilometers of wetland is built to protect the black-necked reserve. Tibetans say crane as "ZongZong", meaning the swan, it is known in the world, the only 15 of crane survive in plateau of the crane. International power have so call it hid the crane. Because of the special living conditions, breeding and low survival rate, by the international red birds and black-necked the convention on international trade in endangered species as the need to save endangered species. Chun xia season two settlement here has 80 a variety of birds, the most common is BanTouYan, there are tens of thousands of Mediterranean brown head gulls, far from the Mediterranean to fly over.
Crane shape tall elegance, mild, ChangPian make dance in the lake of favorable, highly ornamental value. Male black-necked shape similarity, mouth "and legs for EF young black eyes, white patches. After the head have hair black plume of filamentous sparse, scarlet, and bare skin deep red tail of the head. A short, standing flight feather covered by black, neck t three points for the part of black, so a crane.
Crane with a figure of perfect elegance, disposition gentle, bearing is dignified and elegant, natural and elegant dance, melodious chirp, sweet, is deep the love of grassland shepherd. Whenever I hear "GuoGuo ' 'the sound of when, just is the prairie spring to people all summer, vitality of the best season germination, give a person a kind of easy auspicious divine feeling. People take it as a happy, auspicious angel called XianDiao, very few people cherish, sneak attack or drive it. Whenever people or dog come near it around, it is polite to the bow of a salute to dance, or spread the wings, or" GuoGuo "horns Ⅱ eye, a be elated, instantly comfortable.
Since the ancient times animal husbandry people to places it deep relationship, says the crane. Old people often teach their offspring "want to care for the lucky bird, don't capture the abuse of indiscriminate killing". Whenever the crane fell to shepherd around the house, people will have to make it extremely natural said: "cranes, cranes, would you please open the powerful wings dance, you of the right wing light to me"; Or a long neck, the XianDiao unconstrained lifestyle bird, landing step wing great bird, pecking gars bird ", to praise it.
Crane is a kind of migratory birds. Although it does not need to travel with goose that emerged, the leap Trinidad sphere, but when winter comes, it will fly back to the south Tibetan valley. Wait until spring warms the earth, fly to grassland habitat. Grassland is seldom see the agglomeration of further riverbank, but they FenBuMian is very wide, west from nima, east to the county, JiaLi from the south, north to double lake, there were the crane berth: military training, the evolution of grassland people later summer... Big holiday, several hundreds of years. Annual 7 August, qiangtang lush grasslands grass, a green meadow, was carpeted with bundles, artistic bunches outstanding displays, CanReYunXia of all kinds of wild flowers, like a picture perfect natural picture. In the golden season, qiangtang grassland annual just green racing the curtain art festival, when cordon around a few kilometers inside take up various style standing by
The tents of the surge, from a distance, as a unique amorous feelings of the tent city. During the festival the horse racing activity is the most exciting scenes. As early as in horse racing event for months before, the horse will not, and put into use} training. At first, every other day practice run one more time, after practice run with cold water bath, in order to enhance its fight cold ability. Near the game running practice every day 2 times, then a bath. After the bath with sheep felt warm package the whole body, at the same time, hello carefully modulated ice-sugar goats' milk, take care to elaborate than babies. Whenever the prairie horse racing start, agile and brave man riding on a horse grassland in play gun, shooting, show up for body, hadad, such as handstand by points breathtaking action, tightly abide the every audience hearts, when performing successful whole field immediately applause. After the race was the yak, yak weekdays seems temperament is gentle, slow pace of action is slow, but in the game with angry, cock tail, wind up to rush to target, the scene is not better than the class and bullfighting inferior. In addition, still wrestling, archery, tug-of-war, singing, dancing, rich color more competitions and other projects. Competition activities often working all night for QiBaTian, lively abnormalities. Horse racing event is material exchange, XieQi tape nomads are put up the dense tents and sell their production and gather meat, lemon, HuYan, caterpillar fungus, fritillary, and buy a whole year need production appliances. Jockey club over, they rode adornment beautiful horse, driving carry full materials of yaks, with boundless joily back to his farm.
About horse legend, I give you introduce. One is that the horse is the heaven of god birds and the earth with the monkey is born. Another legend story is this: long long ago, there was a fairy in the edge of the sea ask hut meditation retreat. 有一天,从天空中飞来一只不知名的硕大的白鸟落于岩崖上,并呜叫_『两下。这时一条大鱼甩动着尾巴从大海中游到海边,大鸟看到大鱼漂浮簿而,便落于其身,与其交尾。事后大鸟飞走r,鱼也随即沉入了海底。到了第二年,那条大鱼又游到海岸,在海边的沙滩上产下五个不同颜色的蛋便游回了海中。那位仙人对此感到稀奇。他出于好奇和怜悯,将这些蛋拾起来装入牛角进行保管。到了秋季,他把蛋藏于草丛中。到了冬季,把蛋放进岩缝中。到了春天,把蟹放到海边,尽管他下了一定的功夫,那些蛋却未孵出任何东西来。他在无计可施的情况下,将装有蛋的牛角放回到原来产蛋的地方去了。到了夏天,在下蛋刚过一年的那天,一声轰隆的巨响,随着蛋壳的破裂,牛角也绽开了花,从蛋中孵化出了几个与其他动物根本不相像的怪异小动物。那仙人就承担起了喂养这些小动物的责任。当这些动物长到三个月时,个个都很有本事,不仅善跑,而且能飞会游,整天在沙滩上奔驶,在蓝天中飞翔,在大海中遨游,使得仙人无法驾驭和管束。这些四不像的动物便是马的祖先。这五色蛋中孵出l『五种马。由于有这些马种,繁衍得很快,很快就发展成一大群。马群到处乱跑乱窜,无拘无束,谁也管不了。由于它们怀有能飞能跑能游之本领,使得天上人间的神、人、



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