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ZiJiaYou road books (zhuhai-nanning-guizhou-qujing-Dali-lijiang-shangri-la-the Tibet mangkang-sichuan chengdu-chongqing-kangding-zhuhai)
ZiJiaYou road books (zhuhai-nanning-guizhou-qujing-Dali-lijiang-shangri-la-the Tibet mangkang-sichuan chengdu-chongqing-kangding-zhuhai)
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[reading] ZiJiaYou road books (zhuhai-nanning-guizhou-qujing-Dali-lijiang-shangri-la-the Tibet mangkang-sichuan chengdu-chongqing-kangding-zhuhai).

(February 15) woke up this morning, and the world began to rain, we were forced to give up on the mountain city view, see sunrise pavilion plans, hurried breakfast, still come in accordance with the road, a small mountains, and build on the 324 national highway, continue to go qujing.
The car kept going downhill, many are long and steep slopes, add to the rain is slippery, drive be doubly careful. With the gradually rising elevation, we can perceive is near eastern yunnan-guizhou plateau. 11 18 points, we have climbed up to the top of a hill, a huge natural landscape painting came into sight. After the rain of the valley, smoke haunted, all sorts of color of the plant to be decorated very beautiful valley. We can't help but stop and watch carefully. The top of the hill and a house, hang on the wall is a plaque that read, "ethnic autonomous county in longlin hog committee dare village committee", the first time he saw the village committee fix on top of the mountain, really interesting. We were fascinated by the scenery, repeatedly said: "it is too beautiful." By firing was a just from the bottom of the climb the villagers didn't good the spirit of QiangBai 1: "what beautiful?" We suddenly understood, our eyes to a native of the lingshan xiushui people may be QiongShan treacherous, and no longer say more, to return to the car, and keep moving.
Just around a sharp curve, a river appears in at the moment, the front for a long 214 national road along the river bank straight line. "According to the map, the river should be labeled nanpanjiang." I want to. This speculation in the front of the toll staff have been confirmed. The pearl river flows through the west is nanpanjiang of guizhou and guangxi provinces of a river. Then front walk, a hydroelectric across on both sides of the river, like a embedded in the mountains in the middle of the giant barriers, under the water was swift barriers. The hydropower station, they saw a bridge across the river, the original has come to the provinces of JiaoJieDian-nanpanjiang bridge. After the other side, into the guizhou.
In guizhou, the terrain is lifting up right away. The road became narrow and steep, the car in the cliffs around the ban shan. When we come to midway, a few cars guangdong guangdong car parked backer side, people are going to enjoy the scenery precipice. We also stopped. This rain the continual renewal, thick steamy the mountains, opposite the terraced hill is like concealed, between the hazy, ban shan cliff ahead tracks a train, for this quiet hills has added a few minutes above to move feeling. The present scene, its beauty.
Around a hour, all is the cloud and mist curl up, the car will have to open the fog lamps, this let us think of check of the traffic police car light we nanning, thank he kind of warning, we will pay attention to safety! Finally around the mountain. Just to the mountains, there is no rain, scenery is particularly, glistening YouCaiHua filled with ShanWo, a farmer brought oxen, carried the plough, step by step to walk, piece of bells rang the bell and whistles, this reminds me of the qiong precious jade play the location of beautiful picture. The three female comrade all cannot help but go down as the photograph works. There are two opposite works simple house, the door was sitting a delicate little girl, dull at us. We come forward to make her talk, and asked his father go there, little girl angry of say: "dad to run, a few years don't come back." So how about life, "my mother to help car adding water." We know and make mistakes. Or the cat cat striking, with candy from the car to her.
More than 5 p.m., we come to the downtown xingyi, guizhou wine factory in east door of a small shop to have a meal, and went on his way, and finally, on 10 p.m., came to the qujing city area.

(February 16) morning visited the city along the ancient, stands in the center of the city's main thoroughfares AShiMa statues and?????? The statue is full of romantic colour, reminds me of the zhuhai fishing daughter statues and the statue of the matsu, pearl river source and the land into the sea, plateau above and the shore of the south China sea, on romantic all have's clinging pursuit and original understanding, is not this the pearl river of unruly character.
Built in the centre of the city to the pearl river source square that pearl river water I further is romantic blood. The square every figurine, each place landscape on the deep blue sky too busy, without exception, sending out the pure and fresh and pure aroma, like the pearl river water is clear, give a person a kind of not modify also can't modify aesthetic feeling, direct your heart spirit setting.
From the pearl river source square out, the trip next stop is the pearl river source. Don't know what is the mood excited or, we not on the pearl river source from the ancient to the scenic area of the pearl river source avenue, but along the kirin? Road into the pearl river source zhanyi county, the county territory, and steamed into the?????? The town rural road, lost his way and spend a few laps, have no a way, have to ask the way people go that way. Passers-by by hand, one refers to answer: "walk this road nearby," MOTHER parroting, tone is not straight, but well: "walk the road is stupid." From all of us laughed.
Gao yundan day, BiKongRuXi. We XuanWei from the main highways to qujing down, inclined to plug into the pearl river source scenic spot on the last paragraph. According to the prompt of the road, distance and scenic spot here?????? Kilometers. A two-way two lanes of the black asphalt in LianGen hills to the sky between,
Driving through the,
April showers bring may flowers, embodied the pearl river (full of vitality of the rivers, explore life)
The pearl river, is the third longest in China, and the Yellow River, Yangtze river, is also the mother river of the Chinese nation. The pearl river water system compatible and bag, has a long history, and by the xijiang, pearl river basin, dongjiang beijiang river and the pearl river delta, four rivers of water system. The Lord of the pearl river mainstream xijiang, 2214 kilometers, mainly flows yunnan, guizhou, guangxi and guangdong provinces, by nanpanjiang, hongshui river, qianjiang, HaixunJiang and xijiang river such as composed, main tributaries of beipanjinang river, the total, YuJiang have, guangxi



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